If only Vete had panned out here, really thought he would have had the pedigree. Considering we had Jazz out there at prop for half of the year I don't think Kearney is too worried about being light :p

I'm figure Bunty is slotting in for Gavet in the rotation with Isaiah taking his bench spot? Seems pretty solid to me I reckon LAM and Papali'i have got some leg drive between them...
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Another reason to get rid of back-ended or front-loaded contracts? Maybe if he'd signed for (say, I have no idea what he was really on) 4 Years at $700,000 per season he'd still be here? Taking rumours of regular late attendance at training out of the equation, obviously....

JaggedJ nailed it: It's a business. If it suits the club to end things early, it allows the player to present himself as a victim. If it suits the player to end things early, it allows the club to present themselves as a victim. If they choose.
If the club is to be beleved money isnt the reason the club decided to move him on.

The only thing to say to a player who repearedly breaches protocols is goodbye. That applies to elite professional sport and your local Sunday afternoon darts team.

I like James as a player and human being and wish him all the best in the future.
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I don't really agree ethically with the whole : we will back end your contract and then dump you before we pay you what you thought was rightfully yours.
I hope he is making enough at the knights.
This whole ' it's a business ' thing doesn't really cut it. People unfortunately aren't just numbers and loyalty has to count somewhere.
Just my 2 cents.
The article says the Warriors recruited a few players and also upgraded contracts so he was forced out. Besides Lesson Ah Mau who was signed pretty early the others were signed after the season had completed. I assume they arrived before Gavet left.

Management were saying the cap was tight towards the end of last year. It didn't seem like they were over as they could sign 1-2 fringe players which they did. A number of clubs seem to sign players and go over the cap for the following year and then work through releasing guys they don't want which would be good if the NRL could tighten up on.

We also don't know if this was misinterpreted. He may have turned up late a few times or there may have been another issue off the field. He may have been told he'd start in reserve grade which may have been interpreted as I'll be playing reserve grade.

It was good to see him turn his career around here. We get ridiculed for guys form falling off when they come here. He came here got himself in shape, earned a contract and become a regular first grader.

It would of been good to still have him here. He is going to a club that looks to be on the rise.
Was there a few weeks ago transitioning some Kiwi boys into Knights development system and feedback on him is pretty impressive.

Bully being retained was the tipping point for ousting Jimmy, not the discipline issues. That was spin. In any event it's all a bit too late now. Warriors reneged on year 2 of his contract as well, forced on him by Smith and O'Sullivan because they didn't see him in their plans moving forward.

From all accounts he's been embraced by Newcastle and now buddying up with Klem a former teammate from the Dogs. Hes also now a member now of their leadership playing group and the younger Pacific boys are really responding well so I was told.

Reuniting with Balen Couples too has been a revelation.
George has said that discipline had nothing to do with letting Gavet go. Unless George is bending the truth then I am very disappointed with the club. I was happy for Gavet to be on his way if it was due to off field tardiness. But if he was putting in then we should should have been doing everything possible to keep him. I know we signed LAM but in my opinion we wanted him in addition to our existing rotation.

Gavet was told he would be in reserve grade this year. I would have liked to see him call their bluff. Gotta wonder when that kind of message gets given to Bam Bam