Since when were you the police of what gets put on a forum and what doesn't?

Get over yourself mate. What do you expect Cleary to do? Break down, fall apart and throw the season away? He has a Team to prepare who gives a crap whether he was laughing or not, he is having coffee with mates !!!


Get over yourself mate. What do you expect Cleary to do? Break down, fall apart and throw the season away? He has a Team to prepare who gives a crap whether he was laughing or not, he is having coffee with mates !!!

I couldn't care less what Cleary was talking about or if he was laughing or crying. What i was getting at was you giving it to Millwall just because you didn't like the thread. It's not your place to be dictating who posts what.If you don't like the tone or nature of the thread don't post in it.


Hey, look at that.. theres a second page to this thread! and NU DIDNT go nuts! well I look pretty bloody stupid now dont I. lol

(P.S. go Warriors)


Anyhow back on track, who wants to take a guess what the discusion was about with Cleary and co?


I'm not sure if over the ditch you guys heard about a league movie called "The Final Winter"(starring Matt Johns fromt he Footy Show) but i was stunned to see Ivan have a role in it. Mind you it's short(2 min.) & he doesn't say a word but it's still unreal. In the movie he's a judicary member. I don't remember seeing the press say anything about it, have any of you guys seen it??
Ivan the movie star ey', who would've guessed??


Yep, it was mentioned in this Warriors website article:

Former First-Grader Puts Rugby League On Silver Screen

Rugby league’s true train-spotters will know the name Matt Nable.

He never broke through as a footballer but he did manage a few first-grade appearances for Manly – when Graham Lowe was coach – and South Sydney. Eight to be precise.

Most of the time, it was a diet of reserve grade footy for Nable and his mates. And one of those mates then – and still one today – was a fairly useful player by the name of Ivan Cleary.

But while Cleary was destined for bigger things in the game, Nable headed in another direction.

As some people – but not enough yet – have discovered, Nable is a rare talent. Put it this was, for an ex-rugby league player he makes a hell of an actor – and a writer, too.

The Warriors found that out for themselves when the entire team recently attended a pre-release screening of the “The Final Winter”, a movie which has the Nable stamp all over it. He has the lead role of Grub Henderson, a gnarled Newtown veteran, and wrote the original novel before writing the screenplay.

The Warriors were thoroughly taken by the movie and moved by it too. It resonated with them on so many levels. And some Auckland sports media types came away with the same thoughts after a special screening on Friday.

In broad terms it qualifies in the genre of sports movies, of which there never have been too many quality offerings.

Specifically it could be referred to as a rugby league movie – a very rare beast – and an Australian one to be exact.

But it’s unfair to categorise it so simply. It’s so raw in terms of content – rugby league in the 1980s was never less than brutal – and manages to touch so many buttons that were relevant then and remain so today.

There was added value and amusement for the Warriors and the media in seeing Cleary’s cameo role in the movie as, ironically, a member of a judiciary panel. While he doesn’t have any lines he twirls a pen competently.

Sports-based movies arguably have a fairly poor strike rate. Many are just way too pretentious.

Regularly and probably understandably actors are incapable of carrying off convincing performances as athletes. The same is true of the portrayal of sporting contests which tend to fall well short of capturing the authentic product.

“The Final Winter” doesn’t suffer from those deficiencies.

And there’s also the spot-the-legend contest while watching – Tom Raudonikis, Terry Randall, Max Krilich, Noel Kelly, Phil Sigsworth and many more pop up along the way.

Hopefully “The Final Winter” will go out on general release soon. The timing couldn’t be better with the 2008 NRL season about to start.