General Help with a name for my Warriors themed bar

Hey guys.

I don't come in here much anymore, but I'm stopping by for a few good ideas. I still watch the team every game. Still hope against hope that somethings gonna change. Don't even have the motivation to really get behind any particular player anymore, as so many of my favourites have been 1 season wonders, or disappeared into obscurity. But Anyway I am still a very broken, but very loyal fan.

Anyway, I have a small man cave/bar in my garage that I have kitted out with all my jerseys, and assorted memorabillia. Its cramped, cluttered and needing plenty of touches to finish, and worst of all, its a shrine to a dreadfully under-delivered promise, but I like it.

What I need is a name for it that I can paint onto a sign to go over the door outside the bar. My requirements are Warriors themed, and preferably funny. Ideally a play on a legendary players name or something would be great, or some other connection to a Warriors reputation.

I am midway through painting some areas, but as soon as its back in order, I'll post up a few current pictures. But the room is under constant construction.

Also, if anyone knows of anywhere to get a bit of cheap Warriors memorabillia to add once i rebuild the side wall with narrow display areas behind perspex, let me know. Seems all the good merchandise is only available in Oz.

And once I get some pics up, before anyone points it out, I know its not ideal to have my jerseys out in the open and held up with poster pins.

To this point, apart from the jerseys, I haven't really spent anything on this place. Just made do with what I had, and what I could knock together. One day I'll do it properly. Maybe after we get a Premiership.

Here are a few tasters of previous incarnations of it until its set up again and post some more current, and clearer pics.
NIGS Bunker is looking awesome.

Don't have too many names just at the minute....stuck at work.

You gotta hang a slogan somewhere "the big Warriors drinkers aren't tiring"
Johnson's round (He'll go missing when it comes time to pay).

Coaches Corner (You can have a revolving door as the entrance).

Above the Lion (Red)

Bourbon and Choke

Bar-nu Vatuvai

The Butchers Block

Sean Hoppy

Wine, Whine and Wahine

Salary Night-Cap

Pearl Harbour, Dunkirk and Mt Smart

Drams and Drama

The Sip-Port-ers Lounge

I did me darndest for you N.Ig.Mah.
Here are some shots of the bar with the latest modifications. Still a long way to go until I'm happy with it (maybe a different team theme would help there), but I'm happy with the progress.

Note: the jerseys are hanging from the ceiling, as there is no where else to display them. One day I will put them behind glass.

Still looking for just the right name. Some great ones on offer, but nothing has grabbed me completely yet.