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Hi guys,
Hope you guys had a great xmas and everyone is having a good relaxing time in preparation for the new years celebrations.

Since the site is pretty quite right now, except for hardcore members, just wondering if you guys could kindly help the site.

I have setup a test forum site with some new features for the upcoming season. This also includes design changes.

To visit it you need to click on the following link:

Your username and password on there will be exactly the same.

What i need:
- Browse through and tell me something that doesnt look right, is annoying, or doesnt work.
- Suggestions are greatly welcome. Remember the members make the place, so we endeavour to make it a pleasant place as possible for you guys to visit. Happy to hear what works well, what doesnt.
- You are welcome to post test messages on there (they wont be migrated to this forum)...feel free to post as much offtopic stuff as you want.

I will create a thread on that site regarding some new features including push notifications for mobile(android only sorry), facebook like reactions, emoji support, tables, bookmarking of posts, markdown support etc. The following thread contains some of the main features (will be updated)

Feel free to test anything and everything as the more testing that occurs the sooner we can roll it out the update to this site.

Thanks in advance!
Hi tahjay,
I am getting some display issues when clicking on the latest reply discussion links (e.g. below).

I am using chrome and windows.




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Site looks awesome on android using Chrome but got the following errors in threads.
Same error logged in and logged out.


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Just a heads up.

There will be some oddities with this forum over the next 1-2 weeks as we prepare to update the software. There will be errors, downtime and weird stuff popping up (kinda like the V broncos countdown clock on the sidebar of the frontpage right now). It is mostly for prepping for the upgrade.

When the upgrade happens, the site will be down for few hours. I will try to give a heads up in this thread around 24 hours before the site goes down.

After the upgrade has happened, realistically there are likely to be some issues. Please report issues i.e. stuff you were able to do before but cant anymore, or something looks really strange then.

Sorry for the inconvenience in advance.
Hopefully this is the correct thread for this...

I really appreciate the upgraded sofware. Being able to upload photos from my iPhone is a great relief. And there are many other improvements. Thank you.

Can I make a suggestion, please? Accessing individual pages in the forums has become more difficult now. It used to be possible, at the foot of each page, to select up to 3 or so pages back. And that area of page selection has been removed altogether from the top of each forum page. Is there any chance of these options being brought back?