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The Owner of the NZ Warriors.. Eric Watson, has had a Skiing accident overseas...

He is fine by all counts..

I would like to wish him a speedy recovery :)

Eric Watson breaks back skiing in Swiss: report
Thursday April 22, 03:56 PM

Businessman Eric Watson is reported to have broken his back while skiing in the Swiss Alps, and is recovering in a Zurich hospital following an operation.

Truth Weekender editor Chris Baldock told Radio Live today the accident was believed to have happened last week.

"I think it was a very bad wipeout by all accounts while he was skiing, and in terms of the injury, what's been reported back to our sources, is that he was very lucky," Mr Baldock said. "If the breakage had occurred higher up, ie at the bottom of the neck, then he would have been in very serious trouble."

The break was just at the top of the back, below the base of the neck. Mr Watson -- co-founder of Hanover Finance -- was not going to be paralysed and was apparently recuperating quite well.

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