General Foran or Johnson poll

If forced to choose out of signing either player, who's top of your list ?

  • Shaun Johnson

  • Keiran Foran

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The question of Foran Versus Johnson is being aired on Radio Sport.

Thought I'd run a poll to test the Waters.

There are lots of its buts and maybes I know....but imagining all things being equal, Foran decided to throw his hat in the ring.

If you had to choose, who gets your vote?
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Long live the Rainbows and Butterflies
by all things being equal, you mean health, desire to play at the warriors etc...
Hands down this team needs a leader. I honestly believe that Shaun Johnson is a freak on the field but you can win a comp without a freak, you cant win without a leader.
However can i have both pls Mister? and Roger Tuivasa-Sheck and Taumalolo too please. Oh and add in Smith to hooker, thanks ta.


well. Johnson is much more reliable, less injury prone, less baggage, but if your asking us to set that aside.

we've seen what johnson and a numpty looks like in the halves. occasionally good, occasionally mud.

we don't know what Foran and a young player would look like. Le Foz has only ever played with good talent alongside him. If he were fully functioning could he turn Lost Cause Lolohea into a poor mans Johnson?

But I don't think its fair to set injury and everything else aside so voted Shaun Johnson.
Didn't they make a film about this a while ago... Sophie's Choice? It genuinely hurts real bad just to think about it.

Would you care to be JD faced with that dilemma?

I've reserved my vote for now. Coward or what??
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Shaun Johnson 100%. Sure Foran is amazing, and the dream result would be to have both. But seriously, imagine if Shaun was in a Melbourne/Broncos system with the talent he possesses. He's managed to win the Golden Boot playing for the warriors, it's scary to think what he could do for an opposition side.

Not to mention his marketability - he is literally the face of the warriors. The amount of revenue the "Shaun Johnson" brand brings in is second to none.
Is this a gee up, Currently a 1 game Warrior Veteran is receiving nearly 100% more votes than Shaun Johnson !!!. I am not the biggest Shaun Johnson supporter, but this is BS that Foran is the preferred option by club supporters. If Shaun Johnson f#$ks off to another club, we would see what a myopic decision it is on our behalf. Half feel sorry for Shaun Johnson.
Even if you focus on that one game, Shaun Johnson was light years ahead of Foran in terms of what he delivered.
GOOD POLL had to think for a whole second there before I as quickly as I could selected less than a second even.

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Johnson isn't reliable. His performance is so emotive. He has to be interested to perform. Thats not that common. Foran is an unknown quantity here, but his success in the NRL as a whole has been is more attractive to me than what we have seen from Shaun Johnson from beyond his first season.

Comparing Foran vs Johnson in the weekend's game is not a fair comparison.

Shaun Johnson has played 5 games, plus trials. Was training for the Nines as well. He also played a full season last season.

Foran has just had over a year off and has been on limited training. Its his first game in a new club.

He clicked quite well with these new faces, for a first game, considering it wasn't a spectacular performance by the team in general.
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I went with foran, not for his game play but for the CEO effect he has on the team. He's the boss.

Shaun Johnson needs foran more than foran needs Shaun Johnson.

But in saying all that the Shaun Johnson foz combo is too good to be true really. Even the two of them are buzzing on it atm. Guess it was time for a devisive tall poppy poll to cut them back down to our level. The fuckers. ;)
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