Podcast Fonzie Talks Warriors - Ep 2.15


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Apr 22, 2018
Great, insightful podcast as always Fonzie. No challenges from me apart from your theory that we would've beaten Penrith barring injuries. We might have had some ascendancy early on but it's a hard ask thinking we would have continued that for the entirety of the game. If the injuries hadn't have occurred we would have likely spent a 20-25 minute period without neither Lodge or Addin Fonua-Blake on the park & a probable middle of Leeson Ah-Mau, Tohu Harris & Curran wouldn't have provided as much resistance to Leniu, Martin & Sorensen
Fair point, and of course we’ll never know. But I think we had the game plan capable of beating them
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Apr 16, 2013
Melbourne, Australia
Love your pods Fonz. Thought you'd like this: interesting read breaking out 6 again stats. looks like we're mid table here which means we're not actually being picked on so much. Just not smart enough to bend the rules to our favour...
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Geoff Public

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Dec 7, 2018
Thanks Fonzie. I liked the podcast.

When Penrith signed TPJ the said they used money they had earlier set aside for next year.

I.think we did the same thing with Chad and if we'd beaten the Dragons and the Sharks we would be viewing the season differently. So in round 16 we were still aiming for the top 8.

However Chad got injured by a cheap shot from Sims in the 1st few minutes and we haven't won a game.

We had to win those games and our season disappeared then.

The border closing has provided an opportunity to reclaim that money for whatever use they had planned for it. It sucks because we have effectively said goodbye to 1.5 million worth of players in this years cap. But more than ever we need a good year next year. And this helps that happen.
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Apr 22, 2018
Interesting pod. Always enjoy listening. Cohesion is a fair point and you know this has merit from having played with slightly lesser players with whom you have that *understanding* vs when you play reps with arguably better players, but that cohesion isn’t there, so there is certainly merit in it.

For mine, there needs to be some weighting on why this Warriors team lost so many games by 4 points or less, from VERY winnable positions…We are absolutely missing a Top-Tier game managing half. A player with experience, composure & a solid kicking game & someone who CAN kick field goals !!

I believe THAT is the player we need to spend 7 figures on, NOT a Joey Manu (although he is a very handy player, he’s not necessarily the linchpin we need).

We’ve got Shaun Johnson and that’s great, he’s the best version of Shaun Johnson there’s been, injuries aside, I just wish he could play for the Warriors as astutely as he plays against us…Shaun Johnson isn’t a natural game managing half, although he’s far better at it now than ever, when he focuses and he’s *on* he’s fantastic … what I would LOVE to see, is the Warriors pass on Manu and Throw the WAR CHEST at James Maloney…2yr contract, pay him whatever it takes, let him & Shaun Johnson finish what they started in 2011…Chanel Harris-Tavita and Walsh have 2 legends to learn from.

I like Joey Manu, but genuinely, I think Maloney (or someone similar) would be a far better use of the 7 figure war chest.
Thanks for the thoughtful post. I would say that the plan is for Shaun Johnson to mentor Chanel Harris-Tavita to be that half, but you can debate whether he’ll get there. I’d also say that with that (mythical) half it would mean we’d shade a bunch of mid table teams, but then what? We’d still get pumped by the top 4. We need more than that.


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Feb 19, 2017
Come on Fonzie Fonzie ! Been looking forward to your podcasts. wanting to hear your thoughts and analysis while we have been on the mighty winning streak as opposed to the losses. Best warriors podcast on the planet
Yeah I think we are due after 3 weeks of bliss
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