General Film buffs best of the best...


Favourite actors for me..

Tom Hanks
Bill Murray

Favourite directors:

Wes Anderson
James Cameron
Danny Boyle
JJ Abrams


Top 5:
12 Monkeys

Suuuuch a good movie..

Favourite scene is when she gets the phone call from that guy about the bullet from 1914 (or whenever it was).. then she starts frantically going through her books/notes and then sees the picture of Cole.. The terror on her face when she realises its all true and that horrible music in the background.. so good..


Radom factoid of non-amazement. I worked with one of the guys in that film.


I still consider that crash scene when the plane plowed into the Andes as one of the most incredible crash shots made in a movie


I couldn't name my favorite films as that would take a year but:

I currently have around 1000 DVDs and my entire 7th form course is a Film Noir course.

Things like Double Indemnity, The Maltese Falcon, The Third Man, Out of The Past.

Also Neo-noir like Chinatown (possibly the greatest film ever made), Brick, The Last Seduction.

I love foreign films too, and broody, masculine films like Bronson or Drive get me hard too.

Films make me happy, but I will never make another, it nearly killed me.


And i thought Drive was really good too.. great action movie.


It was a little pretentious though


And i thought Drive was really good too.. great action movie.


It was a little pretentious though

Pretention is something I think only exists in bad art.

If it's good it's good in my eyes.

I used to work in film/tv before becoming a teacher and did a bachelor of directing for screen and theatre. Made loads of shorts and my final film was a 13min short on 16mm film. Expensive, exhausting, ego-crushing but incredibly rewarding experience... but never again.
Made a few festivals and won 2 reasonably significant awards... but my days of making films is long gone, now I just spend my days taking them apart.
I love my job.


Not sure if I've seen that. The one on Castaway wasn't too bad either.

I can't find the crash itself on YouTube anywhere, although the preview shows a couple of clips of it.


Great movie.


My favourite plane crash scene of all time is in Air America.

Another film crash that cracks me up is Con Air, "No we can't shoot the plane down over the desert because it has a wrongly convicted war hero going home to his wife and daughter, OK lets make it crash in downtown Vegas instead."


My favourite actors (currently) are..

Christopher Walken
Liam Neeson
Christian Bale
Gerard Butler
Daniel Day Lewis
Leonardo De Caprio, not so much him as an actor but I like Scorcese films and he's in most of em.

But what's important is my most DISLIKED actors, I pretty much won't watch anything with the following actors in... and what seperates the good actors from the bad actors for me is versatility.

Ben Affleck, hate him.
Matt Damon, Bens bumboy.
Johnny Depp. Late 90's and up.
Anyone that has ever appeared in a twilight related anything.
David Taylor, hate him.
Denzel Washington. Bores me to tears. I know I'm gonna cop flack for this but he's the most 1 dimensional leading man in the history of film, all of his movies, same. farking. character. different. name.