General Ex-Warrior Jordan Meads carving up in England

Geez he's getting around, in roughly 2 and half years he's played for the Vulcans here, Avignon in France, Sunshine Coast in Q-Cup and now Gateshead Thunder in England. All reserve grade teams, he isn't that physically gifted but has some footy smarts about him. Watched him play a Vulcans game just before he went to France and he got them past a very good Newtown team that went on to win the NSW Cup. He was basically the difference between winning and losing.
Mean way to do an OE, good on ya Meads. He could probably try playing in the USA as well, I know if I were a young man again thats where I head to play cause not all of us can make crack it aye
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Championship One teams have a 150K salary cap, he must be getting 10K - 20K at least. No point relocating to the other side of the world otherwise.

A promotion to the Championship with a 400K cap, (could be going up to 700K next year with the ESL restructure with the 2 relegated ESL teams getting a parachute payment of something like an extra 400K) is a good incentive to win the comp he's in. Man, that's Mt Albert \ Pt Chev \ Kura kinda money.
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That is pounds, it's quite likely he is receiving accommodation, car and possible part time work also I.e. Junior development officer. Which overall it will make it a good move. It also show cases him for a move unto the higher leagues.
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Is that pounds or dollars?

Yeah, definately pounds. He could get a part time job at McDonalds and make $10000 so I'd expect he's on 20K in pounds plus accomodation, car, relocation costs and a token job with the club or it's sponsers.

150K is the cap but the club can spend 40% more than that apparently and I assume that's how the perks are calculated into the overall cap but it could be something that used to top up an imports wages maybe?

Promotion to the Championship would line his pockets nicely but with 2 teams being relegated from Superleague and the Championship itself being reduced to 12 from the existing 14 teams, I expect that the bottom 4 Championship teams will drop down to Championship One and teams like Gateshead won't be eligable for promotion until 2016. Like Tim Burgess says above, this move gets himself out in front of prospective Championship teams that have a foreign quota spot to fill.