General Eric Watson has faith in Warriors



by Neil Reid

Eric Watson has pledged his continued financial backing of the Warriors, despite well-placed sources claiming otherwise.

NRL top brass acted last night to kill off suggestions Watson and fellow multimillionaire Mark Hotchin were set to sell off their majority shareholding of the beleaguered club.

"It has absolutely nothing to do with them selling the club at all," Annelseley told Sunday News from Sydney.

"Eric said he was committed to the Warriors. He wants them to be successful - as do we.

"We need the Warriors to be a successful team. Obviously they're in a very difficult marketplace.

"We were over there to talk about how the Warriors were going and how the NRL could help them going forward in terms of their long-term viability in the New Zealand market."

Annesley and NRL boss David Gallop met Watson, Warriors chief executive Wayne Scurrah and board member John Hart before last weekend's win over the Newcastle Knights.

Scurrah said: "Both Eric and Mark have reconfirmed their commitment to the club. They want things to improve both on and off the field.

"This year was always going to be a difficult year. They own the club and want the club to be successful. That is what our focus is."

Club chairman Maurice Kidd re-iterated Scurrah's views last night, saying the visit of Gallop and Annesley was an "annual" event.

Sky Sport floated the possible sale during coverage of Friday's Storm/Bulldogs NRL clash.

They were not alone with the theory, with another source saying the club could be set for a new owner.

A source said: "The club is leaking about $40,000 a home game due to the small crowds.

"There has been talk behind the league scenes about a possible sale. Apparently certain people aren't interested in being involved in the club any more."


I think it is a short sighted move to sell. All they have to do is hold on till the team starts to win again.
Maybe take some games on the road around NZ for bigger gates.


There is always speculation like this...six years ago Eric and co bought this club and litterely saved it's hide and we wouldn't even be talking aobut it if it wasn't for them. Yes maybe there would have been some one else but we still have alot to be thankful for. And it's nice to know the NRL is looking to be helpful. some how after giving us that -4 start :p


If we didn't lose the 4 points our crowds & spot on the table would be bigger, he obviously knows that.