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Tonbridge (Swanley)

Tonbridge (Swanley)

Some of the reporting of his changes at Twitter does come off like he's a nutcase. To be honest some of it is hard to defend especially if he is telling developers to turn up at 2pm and explain their code.

It has been good to see a lot of the entitled people losing their shit over him taking over. Some of them were complaining about Twitter going down hill before he had even done anything.

The entitled people that "earned" their blue check mark complaining has been funny. For years they have gone on how special they were now complaining they have to pay or everyone can get it. One explanation I heard from someone who had been verified as he was on a TV show years ago and the production company organised it all for him He said to get verified they need someone to validate things so that pays for that. $8 a month might be a bit over the top but hey it's not my business.

It has been funny watching him troll people the last few weeks.
what do you mean by woke?
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