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St George Illawarra coach Wayne Bennett has backed the controversial no-try ruling which handed his side a last-gasp NRL win over the Bulldogs.



Well, you can't really blame him - I mean...his bosses would drag him over hot coals if he said his team didn't deserve to win.


I disagree. It's so blantantly obvious that Bennett has lost credibility by attempting to defend the indefencible.


I watched the post match and the lack of conviction he had in saying he backed the no-try ruling was laughable. He knows they dodged a bullet but would never admit it and that's fair play to him, he's based a career on it.


I just can't believe this. I thought the 'supercoach' he was, would ADMIT that it was not a try. But ohwell.


I was bummed that Sky didn't air the press conference. On TVNZ tonight, they started the article by saying that the Bulldogs coach had called that decision the worst decision he'd ever seen, but they showed none of the press conference and didn't quote anyone at all.

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