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Great Britain forward, a veteran of 30 Test appearances and a three-times Lions tourist (1990, 1992 and 1996), joined his former Wigan coach John Monie at the newly promoted Auckland Warriors in 1995. Betts, who had played with Wigan since 1986, returned to the club in 1998 until seeing out his career in 2001.

  • 1986-95 - Played for Wigan Warriors, England
  • 1989 - Challenge Cup Final winners with Wigan Warriors
  • 1990 - Challenge Cup Final winners with Wigan Warriors
  • 1990-99 - Great Britain Lions
  • 1991 - Challenge Cup Final winners with Wigan Warriors
  • 1991 - Lance Todd Trophy
  • 1992 - Challenge Cup Final winners with Wigan Warriors
  • 1993 - Challenge Cup Final winners with Wigan Warriors
  • 1994 - Challenge Cup Final winners with Wigan Warriors
  • 1995 - Challenge Cup Final winners with Wigan Warriors
  • 1995 - Man of Steel
  • 1995 - England
  • 1995-97 - Played for Auckland Warriors, England
  • 1998-01 - Played for Wigan Warriors, England
  • 2012 - Head Coach Widnes Vikings, England
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Last update

Our previous update had Betts as the Widnes coach, a role he stepped down from in 2018. Since that last update he has been an assistant to Wayne Bennett coaching the England team and started his own sports leadership coaching company DCB Promotions Limited. I cant find a single thing about that company apart from the business registry that has Betts and his wife as Directors.

Betts is another player we will have to revisit soon as he's just stepped down from his most recent post as Director of Football at Newcastle Thunder in the RFL Championship.

Denis Betts confirms Newcastle Thunder exit as club prepares for part-time status

Matthew Shaw
12:05, 22 AUG 2022

Denis Betts will leave Newcastle Thunder at the end of the season.

Denis Betts has confirmed he will leave Newcastle Thunder at the end of the season. The club's director of rugby said he would depart following the club's decision to return part-time next season.

The Championship side confirmed they would be reverting back to part-time status next season, just nine months since turning their squad into a full-time outfit.

In a statement last week, club chair Keith Christie said: “2022 has been a disappointing season with significant investment made into the club not translating into results on the pitch. We will engage with our players and staff regarding the way forward, and will communicate any updates in due course.”

The club is now working through the transition of returning part-time though there is some confusion as to how they plan to implement the move, with a number of players already contracted to the club next season on full-time deals.

Betts, who has taken charge of first-team matters following the departure of coach Eamon O'Carroll, confirmed to Rugby League Live that he was in the dark over the club's future plans, but that they wouldn't involve him.

Speaking after their 42-10 defeat to Halifax Panthers on Sunday, Betts said: "I know that as a part-time organisation I won't be at Newcastle next year."

Asked about the club's plans moving forward, he added: "I don't know, I can't answer the question. All I know is I've got three more games to do, two home games. It's now looking at avoiding more injuries and putting a team together to play Barrow next week. That's my focus, the idea is to get this group to the finish line then the powers that be will see what's next.

"I'm in the dark. I'm disappointed. We had some bold plans that we pushed out which was a bit of bravado but the solid foundations were in place there. If it's all down to performance this year then I can take that on the chin and point that finger. I think we're a better side this year than we were last year, it's cost us a little bit more but there are reasons for that.

"We've been doing this nine months in a tough competition. But my focus has to be to get a team together. We've lost players for different reasons and a coach for other reasons. It's a tough place where aspirations are high. It's not for me at this moment in time to think about anything other than this weekend."

Betts thanked the players for their efforts during their defeat to Fax, a result that leaves them 11th in the table.

"I'm really proud of the players and how they've carried themselves this week. They've been through a couple of meetings, people from RL Cares have been in and someone from GMB, so they've been through quite a bit this week.

The biggest problem has been our inconsistency, which comes from inconsistency in training because of the injuries as we have a small squad so we don't train as often or as well as we'd like to. We've used over 40 players this year on loan or wherever and it's not a great place to bring people up because you don't get a lot of training out of them.

"We've been inconsistent in our selection and our training but they're a tight group who work hard together and they're young, that's what we tried to do when building a side, make it youthful so they can stay together for a number of years."

In other news Denis Betts is also now a CBD oil advocate.

Stripping back the Stigma: Denis Betts

SEPTEMBER 14, 2020

With so much misinformation out there surrounding CBD, it’s hard to know what and who to listen to. Our new series of interviews with CBD advocates, across a range of different industries, aims to help strip back the stigma and offer fresh and new perspectives on how and why CBD might work for you.

First up is Denis Betts. For rugby fans, he needs no introduction. For those that don’t know their union from their league, Betts is a former English rugby league coach and player. During his playing days, he was part of Wigan’s hugely successful team in the 80s and 90s – during which he picked up six Championships, three Premierships and seven Challenge Cup medals – enjoyed a stint with the Auckland Warriors and holds the joint record for Great Britain’s most capped forward. Moving into coaching, he became Head Coach of the Widnes Vikings and Assistant Head Coach of the national team.

Having enjoyed such a long and successful career in a collision sport, it’s perhaps not surprising that it has taken its toll on his body. After at least seven major operations and struggling with painful arthritic joints, Betts turned to CBD. We caught up with him to find out why he became an ambassador for Kannaway and how he incorporates CBD into his everyday routine.

How did you come across CBD?

I first became aware of CBD when my mum was diagnosed with MS. She suffered badly from the symptoms of MS, especially brittle bone disease. However, she did find relief in smoking cannabis, though it wasn’t legal at the time [medicinal cannabis became available to patients in the UK on NHS prescription in November 2018], it was one of the ways that really helped her manage and relieve pain. Naturally, I became intrigued with the physical properties of the hemp plant, the different strands of the cannabinoids and discovered CBD.

Throughout my career I became very aware of my body and the trauma my body had gone through and have since educated myself on nutrition, anatomy and how to get the best out of myself. CBD was a supplement that was on my radar but I had to be wary of THC levels while I played professionally. Now I no longer play, I am less worried about the levels of THC and can feel the full benefits of supplementing CBD. If it makes me, my body and mind feel better, then I’m happy to try it.

What benefits do you get from taking CBD?

It may come as no surprise given my sporting background, but I suffer with arthritis. I have had seven or eight major operations and I suffer with tennis elbow. CBD has provided me with a way to enjoy day-to-day life while still managing my aches and pains.

I took it upon myself to educate myself about CBD and learn the best way it can benefit my body specifically. If I’m being honest, I don’t think I’ve ever slept better. Taking CBD throughout the day in different ways, with my morning coffee or vaping before I go to sleep, has enabled me to find the perfect balance to manage my pain and take full advantage of the day ahead.

Speaking to more recent events, I’ve found that CBD has helped both me and my family during lockdown. While my family don’t supplement CBD as often as myself, they have used it occasionally. Collectively, we have found that lockdown, surprisingly, has been a calm period (a big difference to the chaos and fireworks I was expecting). We’ve had a really enjoyable 12 to 14 weeks.

How did you discover Kannaway?

In the past, I was using different types of CBD oils from various over-the-counter brands, and while they did work to an extent, I knew my body wasn’t getting the full results. A friend of mine actually referred me to the Kannaway website and after doing some research and actually trying the products, I’ve never looked back. It’s a fantastic website.

I use its Pure Gold [a broad-spectrum filtered CBD hemp oil] for my joints. It’s fantastic. I love it. Each 120-ml bottle contains 1000 mg of CBD. I’ll take a couple of pipettes of that in the morning, under my tongue and let it absorb.

I also use the brand’s vape – even though I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life. After a bit of research, I found it helps to get CBD/hemp oil into your system really quickly. This settles me after a busy day working.

Kannaway really stood out to me as it has great ethical operations. They have a soil-to-sale commitment, which uses a CO2 fluid extraction process to turn the hemp plant into natural biomass.

How do you find the right dose for you?

Each person is different. As I’ve mentioned previously, I have done extensive research and gained deep knowledge into the plant, the brands I use and the dosage I take. Each person will have a different product and strength that works for them. My advice would be play around but start small. You can come off it for a little bit and then go back on it for a little bit until you find the results that you’re looking for.

What advice would you give to someone looking to try CBD for the first time?

I’m really careful to make sure the quality is right. It’s been fantastic for me because I’ve found the right kind of CBD and product that I’m comfortable with. It’s important to actually do a bit of research and read about a company’s background.

I would also say try it with an open mind and don’t expect to get miracle results. It’s about finding the right balance and incorporating it into your routine. It’s not life changing but it will definitely help.

The late Bill McGowan, who himself was a top golfer and a former All White was CEO at the club during the bad years after 1995.

He really rated Betts as a club man. I know of Bill, and he was a straight up guy, so he must have seen something in this overpriced bullshitter.

It was strange he never mentioned his play on the field, where he was a terrible defender. He was just here for the money. A poor signing, but had the gift of the gab for sure.

Like being a junior signing for Manchester United. He seems to be the only one that knows about it.. just another wanker.

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