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The Warriors edge defence (jamming the sweep runner) has let in more tries than its prevented.

The push from the inside defenders is non-existent leaving the edges vulnerable.

This is a Melbourne defensive pattern that isn't working at the club because the the wingers and centres are to slow in following the inside defender on the up and in.

On attack the boys are too predictable it's not even funny. Kick returns Manu and Maumalo one off the ruck (no variety, using Manu as a decoy with sweep off the dummy half etc), 1 out forward runs (Shaun Johnson needs to understand that he can support the big boys along with the Ata and David, and not sit back waiting for the next play). Our edge attack is so lateral because Shaun Johnson's line out the back is sideways instead of direct and straightening up.

There is no push on the dummy half, no options both sides of the ruck in attack.

But here is something that most of you may have missed.

Half way through the first half, Tommy put a shot on, (picked up the attacker and slammed him to the ground). The next ruck he put a shot on Tamou who lost the ball. The only person who congratulated tommy was Hoffman. Out of the 12 players only ONE player went up to Tommy and gave him a pat on the back. That speaks volumes to what the culture is like at the club right now. Let that marinate for a while.
I hear Johnson is leaving next year .. Damn hope so... He has one or two good runs a game ande rest of the game he's missing in action... For the dollars he's crap.....look at Ash Taylor of Nathan Cleary and the rest of the new halfs this year
..... Half the cost but 10 X the effort and results...He's total crap and has been all season.....

And they also need a game plan... The crap they have been trying fior the last 8 weeks hadn't been working so try something new... Maybe even watch a few reruns of the storm or sharks and do what they do...not rocket science is it. .. You need to want to win to actually win...
It hasn't taken long for teams to unravel our game plan, conversely we were completely unable to unravel theirs something the past 3 sides they played successfully managed to do.
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I can't WAIT for the post-match interview!

I'm sure it will explain why I'm so fucken angry right now.

Lillyman, Vatuvei, Ayshford, Matulino & Johnson.....Fuck off NOW!!!

You cu**s are THE most embarrassing thing to come out of NZ.
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