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Jordan G

The NRL's Ladder Predictor's on the blink, so I can't work it out but NRL360 the comment was 30 should be safe, 28 you're relying on a pretty good PD.

I don't think PD will have anything to do with it in the end because the Titans will be on an odd amount of points and with the Panthers/Titans playing and us playing the Tigers it will either be a case of the Titans on 29 and 28 missing out or the Titans on 27 and 28 being enough.
Yeah our formula is simple 3 games for 3 wins = 30 points
Our best chance is for Titans to drop a game leaving them on 29 points, 3 wins will leave them on 31 points for 7th
That means Panthers would have lost vs Titans next week.
But a win vs Manly (their last game) will leave Panthers on 30 points equal with the Warriors for 8th spot
Then its points for / against which could see us drop out.
So for next weeks games we need a Panthers win.
In the meantime 3 games for 3 wins, piling on the points is our focus.

Yep lose today then we need the Abacus..

Fark why do we always do shit the hard way.
Doing my head in. How about after we play our final game against the Eels, you let me know whether we made the 8. Or not.
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RLW mole just tweeted Ata is playing tonight. Says he is the next big thing

If thats the case he coming off the bench? starting with tommy to 9.
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30 pts still wont work if Titans win their last 3 games, Panthers will win 2 of their 3 .

Panthers only need to win 1 of their 2 now after the hiding they dished up to the Tigers last night. Panthers have 28 points with points diff of +69 now, with a game against the titans and the sea eagles. Pretty sure they'll win 1 of the 2. and no way for us to overtake them realistically.

So we need the titans to mess up, and for us to win 2/3 minimum.
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Just another day in paradise
If the titties get in ahead of us I can already picutre Konnie..

Given the ISP side is playing in Auckland, here's hoping Allwood and Wright were taken over as cover only. If not, then please please please go with Allwood over that gumby Wright...

Stoked to see Ata get his chance, even if it is off the bench.
Not worried about Jazz being out. He goes hard, but hasn't been offering much.

I'd prefer Allwood over Wright but they can both do a fair job so it probably doesn't matter who gets the nod. Allwood would offer a bit more on attack is all.

Anyone know if Kata has been given the all clear?
Weird stuff going on.

That lady in the other thread called it (several days ago), Jazz wasn't playing.

So, Ata... man, what a time to debut.

So many shenanigans going on right now, that ISP side has been completely turned upside down - you guys see Carmont is playing? The fuck.
If kata, Mamamlo and Lolo are all out, and Fusitua moves to fullback????


Fusitua at the back gives us some strike through from the back. And hopefully the others can run some nice structures for Fusitua to play off...
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