General Covid Virus fun 1980s to present Kiwis Draft to pass time

I had a strategy of getting aggressive players and dominant players and chose some players over more talented options because they fitted my team strategy better.

Really wanted Freeman as captain; Ridge at fullback and Kevin Iro in the centre’s. Would have leapt at NAS but was one of the ones that got away...

Mark graham was an option at one point but took Taumalolo at the time. Joe Vagana would have worked well in my pack as I was after size.
I really noticed that I regard the older players as more passionate, aggressive and physical.

Probably when the shoulder charge was allowed, fights were frequent and everyone got facials during the game.

The players are probably just as competitive now but not allowed to show it. I miss those days.

Back 3, my rocks and diamonds but must be respected .1- Dave Watson was a real fire brand,feared no one and it got the better of him from time to time. So tough with a silky skillset and footwork. Dylan Walker today reminds me of this man in some ways.2- Richie Barnett had that tackle bust ability blessed with speed and agility.
Always got out of that first tackle and his link play and work rate was up there with the best.
McCracken would have him sailing to the line at will.5- Krisnan Inu ,the enigma who makes getting through defences look easy,but so was his mentality. What came with brilliance could also come brain explosion.What he could of conjured up with Toopi would have of been exciting and had alot of teams worried

Center,the prized gem of my team.3- Jarrod McCracken was one of the most feared centers in this modern era,with so many great centers through the times,McCracken comes to people's mind straight away.
Respected for his toughness on attack and defence.McCrackens speed and power along with his finesse made him a complete center.4- In his prime no one compared to Clinton Toopi,blessed with speed and amazing footwork and the ability to read his ball players to create something special was a habit.His defence was always sound but was no reflection on his attack.
Halves the convert and the legend.
6- Frano Botica was one of the successful converts,was a running stand off blessed with fast feet and a jink that had you gasping at air.
Only a lightweight but wasn't shy to go into a tackle.Had a radar boot.What more can I say.F@#ked up the Aussie's on debut?did the same to Great Britain at Carlaw Park etc etc etc
7- The Legend Clayton Friend
Front Row my under rated but hard working.
8- Brent Stuart was a hard no frills player with a non stop engine,wish there were workrate stats on this man.They would be impressive.St George,Titans prop Luke Bailey reminded me of Stuart.10- Terry Hermanson was the same size in every direction.He only had one way and attracted 2 to 3 defenders everytime. His play the ball is rated one of the fastest which is good for roamers like Inu,Watson,Botica and this man
Hooker and future captain? Brandon Smith.
Already a household name in our Jersey. This tough uncompromising kid is special.He will be in the 9 for many years and when that time is up he will wear the 13.
Backrow the all sorts mix.
11- Tony Puletua was a beast ,destructive on both edges but preferred to play up the middle more.Most dangerous man on the field on his day.12- Greg Eastwood the burly bomb,gifted play maker who had the uncanny ability to slip through the line more than bust it,and he did that a bit too. Could also move to the halves or center.Punishing front on defender who is usually one of the top tacklers. Named in Brandys best ever Panther team.24 year old 13- James Fisher Harris is special,blessed with size,power and speed,agression and skill.
Sky is the limit for this kid as his meter and tackle stats are what legends are made of.He is still a pup yet to reach his prime.

Feel like my mix is strong, different to others but would make a good game of it.
Have enough physicality in my pack and with Brandon Smith and Friend around the ruck.No one wants this backline to be unleashed.
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Hmmm... might need an admin or alternatively if someone had the time start a new thread and post each team with the team rundown?

I operate by mobile and cutting and pasting and jumping between screens is painful sorry
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Hmmm... might need an admin or alternatively if someone had the time start a new thread and post each team with the team rundown?

I operate by mobile and cutting and pasting and jumping between screens is painful sorry
You must be correct. When I edit the OP I can't see the option to add a poll retrospectively.

Personally won't take the time to start a new thread for a poll but if someone else wants to that is ok with me...

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Thought someome may have picked up Shontayne Hape as a center
Just saw David Faalogo on a page.
He shone in every game for the Kiwis.
Still debate that David Faalogo was our best player on the field when the Kiwis won the world cup.
Would of been straight in my backrow if I didnt have the big brute mentality.
Bit gutted,but that's Tony Puletua who gave good service as well.
Oh for sure. I rated Defence's pack as probably the strongest one named.

Ryno's for mine tho has the highest "mongrel" factor that no one would want to mess with.
I was just trying to think whether I had ever seen anyone go after Prichard or SBW, I feel like they are just 2 people other players didnt think about having a go at. JWH used to look like he wanted to fight everyone but I dont think there were ever many guys wanting to take up the opportunity

Do an Ausy draft but noone gets to pick Tallis because he breaks the game
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