General Conspiracy theory


Shane Hayne will blow the pea out of his whistle tonight giving penalties against the Warriors. He will be thinking up some new infringements and probably sitting someone down for 10. I say this because if the Warriors win then there is no NSW side left and they will be real concerned about filling the stadium next week. Its all about dollars and bums on seats.


I'd love to agree, but I reckon a warriors storm final would draw a bigger crowd than a 2007 gf repeat (yawn).

Magic Stick_old

there was bugger all at the storm,sharks game.heaps of empty seats for a semi final

can probaly put that down to the sharks being the most boring team in the NRL and the sydney folk probaly hate the storm

only thing the ref will being doing is blowing the whistle to award the warriors tries


I'm pretty sure there's enough ex-pat kiwis in Sydney to fill half the stadium