General Congratulations!!! you are now the new coach of the Warriors!!

Nothing I could do would put things right at the Warriors
Bennett or Bellamy or even both together would struggle so what hope would I have
Look at Bennett with Newcastle. In the end even he said "Fuck It" and went back to Brisbane
But if I had sole control? Nothing short of a clean out from the owner to the newest kid that has been signed will be effective
Including Saint Stacey. Everybody gone
Put in a Phil Gould type to start again with a clean slate
Run the club as an NRL club, not a Kiwi club or an old boys club. If the best 17 on the day are all from other countries so be it. Play them
If the best management comes from somewhere else hire them. And the coaching staff
Maybe have a Survivor style management approach
Give the player of the day immunity and demote and fine the dick head of the day
Maybe even pay decent win bonuses
Show the supporters that winning is the most important thing to the club management and players

I was going to say shoot the dickhead of the day but that would make offshore recruitment even harder
And it's probably wrong or against the law or bullying or something
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Just another day in paradise
Id throw out the current game plan. Focus big on attack attack attack. These guys are not melbourne. We are not even brisbane. Defence is our weakness, always has been. Poor defence = terrified warriors = zero confidence.
Good attack = terrified opposition = confidence = good little warriors.
Play like the damn Warriors!

Im not saying don't work on D. It just can't be our "bedrock" not unless we've got 17 Simon Mannerings out on the field. It won't work.

Play to our strengths. Offload the damn ball. Play what we see. Remind the players why they love this game and maybe they'll play with heart. Right now they're playing like scared little kittens that are absolutely terrified.

Get Daniel Anderson on in some capacity. At least for a year or 2. Keep stace. Bye Reuben. Keep Doyle. Bye Cappy (maybe) and bring in Blackmore.

Edit: bring the walker bros in as consultants?? Lol

Our guys are hating their footy right now - you can see it on their faces when they take the field.

If you're a potential recruit in SYD you'll notice this.

We have to bring back the fun in football. Its that simple.

For the players for the fans for recruiting.

Players will come here if we adopt a style that makes them want to come. I'm sure if it.

We have to chance our style.

This stat paddling BS approach is not how you win games fans or players.
Controlled Ultra-Violence, Warren Ryan styles.

Instead of trying to eradicate gang culture; embrace it 100%

Every one of these once were Warriors swears a blood oath to give 100% for the gang every game, or die trying, for our entertainment.

Every loss, the team collectively nek-nominates a responsible culprit to receive the team Bash, no gloves, no mercy. Make sure he's in rehab for a few weeks minimum. If a Warrior wants to avoid the bash he'd better give it to the opposition every hit-up, every tackle, within the rules...

We will instill fear in the opposition







"It's amazing what you can achieve when you're a total psychotic." ~Woody Allen, 'Zelig'

If that doesn't work, nothing will help these pussies and it's back to watching Jonno get cyber-bullied for entertainment.


Gather the Coaching staff, lead a session amongst them where we collectively agree on a set of minimum expectations including behaviours, effort and conduct (punctuality an example).

Deliver to players with the support of 2-3 Snr Players and Captain.

First warning system instilled then dropped for min 2wks regardless.

Explore opportunity to lift cardio and strength training (if needed, assess first) to not just match other teams but exceed them.

Build culture of performance selections starting Wk1. Balanced approach to this versus team combinations/consistency.

Demand more from ISP.

Train under duress often and seek new and innovative ways to vary this - and then do it again - this is continuous improvement not a 'fix'.

No excuses culture, lead by playing Group. No dickheads or brain explosions tolerated. Fine heavily or sack.

One on ones with spine weekly, detailed review lead by questioning players views first. Ascertain if they have a genuine understanding of their performance and others. Coach to shortfalls.

Find, build, steal an aggressive defensive structure. Then build a Plan B. Balance simplicity with effectiveness but always with aggression.

Continuous exploration for improvement on defensive structure and capabilities. Lead by Defensive Coach and Head Coach combined.

New focus and reward system focussed on: effective tackle percentages (flops not included), turnover plays, tackle busts, in goal tackles, exceptional kick chase efforts and 0 penalties given- these are true effort plays.

Balanced approach to onfield play. In a basic sense, limited offloads for tackle 1-3 (genuine opportunities for SPP excepted), encourage it from tackles 4-6 IF also outside the thirty. Run it on the last inside good ball. Make them tackle - a lot, often.

Monthly Player lead review sessions, rostered. In these sessions, Player host to include: all Top25 player reviews (numbered ratings in provided categories), lead discussion around what worked well and what did not this month.

Drive discussion about what could be improved in attacking and defensive sets in the coming month - driven by the aggregated numbers from the Top25 playing review initially.

More/better/different training.

Introduce a significantly harder post season training regime if finals football missed. Keep std playing/training routine (or even modestly lighter) if still alive in Sept OR undertake hard core training in Sept - your choice, all season, your choice.

End of season trip never taken before GF.

Player wise:
Recruit 2x physical props with motors, pay the price - find a way.

Find, explore 1x ball playing back row option, or develop it.

Kata out, CNK in Fusitua to Ctr Wk 1. Johnson and Lino in the halves, if Sezer not truly available.

Basic skills shortage (passing, understanding tackle count, avoiding excessive penalties) mean you have no ticket to 1st grade - get it sorted - Coach to performance uplift.

Immediate visible change to the brand ASAP - change back to Green Moko or combined Moko to signal evolution or change - make different look different.

Consider returning to original AKL colours, the finals haven't been reached since we introduced red - superstitious and frankly quite silly, but a golfer changes his driver or putter not because of the club, but for mental relief, holiday, catalyst or excuse to do better or change.

I could keep going but suggest most of you have better ideas to offer.

If this fails ( Danpatmac ), I too would shoot myself.....
I'd throw contracts at Steve Price and Kevin Campion for roles within the club. These two, Michael Luck, Stacey Jones - have seen success at this club and know what it takes. We used to be the bully's, the most physically dominant, teams were scared to come against us. We need to bring that fear again. Get some ankle twists in the tackle, the late hit, the odd dirty hit - who gives a shit? Rough them up, and give it to them, play dirty but don't push it too far, bring back the fear..

Maybe that's the new quote.. #Bringbackthefear

No one is worried about the warriors pack, Jacob lillyman, bodene thompson, sam lisone do not bring fear into the opposition. The roosters have napa and JWH. Isaac Liu, zane tetevano. The sharks, gallen, lewis, graham, fifita, even prior. These teams are feared. I don't think it's about adding size to the pack, i think it's aggression and intimidation. We want teams coming over the ditch knowing they'll go home bashed up and bruised. We've got the x factor, and talent in the backs. Lets allow our forwards to bully teams again, give isaac a platform (e.g. rabbitohs dominant pack back in his prime), and watch what our backs do when our forwards to their fucking job.

Just an opinion. #Bringbackthefear
For a start I'd have a 4 forward bench rotation, I'd have two props and two 2nd rowers, and rotate the shit out of them trying to keep everyone fresh....none of this back/utility on a bench league is a simple game played by mostly simple people...If they forward battle is not won, then might as well stay home...

Once that is done, then discipline the living daylights out of them, set expectations on and off the field and follow through the the consequences if not followed.

Setting high standards, following them through, may help attract aussie talent to our shores.
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To be successful you not only have to have balls but the board also needs big balls, what is needed is a Manly style clean out, the Manly board with direction from Sir Bob had the balls to back their new coach 100% 30-40 players turned over in a 2yr period is pretty drastic but the results are there for all to see probably a yr earlier than expected and I wouldn't coach the Warriors unless I was backed to be able to do the same thing.


Just another day in paradise
Clean out, sack this guy that guy, curfew, make them military soliders.....

Thats not how you build culture or win trust....

Its all about family in this whanu....

That is the culture here... you cant go from family to military style. It doesnt work that way.

You need something that motivates these guys.. that gets them excited....

Stop using the Storm and Broncos as your benchmark. Stop copying other people.

Their strenghts are way different to ours....

If i was coach.

We are going back to open expansive football.

That is the only way we can create a sustainable culture of winning and competite with these Aussies.

We need a coach that believes and understands this philosophy.
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Well, they are World Cup champions.

I think, yes, short-term concentrating on Australian players might have to be the way.

Wait until the ISP and lower grades (is it true we're entering a team in the SG Ball, BTW?) are firing, then you start to blood the best performing locals. Slowly.

Half of me doesn't care what country a Warriors player comes from but the other half of me would look at a Warriors team with any more than 8-9 Australian regular starter and ask "What precisely is the point of the club being in New Zealand?"
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Just another day in paradise
A renowned Australian Journalist, and one of the most intelligent. He's right on the money.

Its a racist remark.

As somone pointed out earlier a team full of kiwis won the WC against a team full of Aussies.

And if i recall correctly we've won 2 of the last 3 trinations

Its doesnt fire you up hearing that from over the ditch?

Them fighting words.

SK what do you say to that!???

"Yeah well, you know, just got to get better and improve everyweek, thats the process aye..."
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Sorry guy's, but 100% agree with what was said last night on NRL 360. With all respect to you all on here, and all involved in the club.

I just hope someone that CAN DO something about it, AND KNOWS what is needed to FIX things, was listening last night and also agree's with what was said....................................................... because the truth is, unless thing's change drastically soon,............[Fill in the blank yourself.] :dead:
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