General Club Culture Part 3 - Cappys Reign

LOL. I saw that earlier while reading the article on my phone. I was thinking I'm going to have to come back and quote myself with my rant about Matty going off on us again. Saved having to give a little apology as Andrew is the Johns I don't mind too much.

Good thing he isn't a coach. Any coaching he has done is concentrated on the halves and guiding teams around the park.

Personally I think our better years have been when our defense is sorted and we know if we do turn the ball over the guys can hold out the opposition for a few sets. We can then play off the back of that with confidence the turnstiles won't open.

I disagree. In 2011 we had the highest missed tackles in the comp but we outscored teams. I'm going to make a big call and say that our team is never going to be consistent like the Aussies by emphasizing defence. Remember 2002? Our team were fantastic attacking exponents up until then. What was added to the team was: PJ Marsh, Cleary, Carlaw and Kevin Campion. Those players stiffened our defence, gave us kicking points we could rely on, but more importantly they weren't too shabby on attack. Has Cappy tried to emulate that? Yes. but he brought in Wright (useless attacker and mediocre defender), Hoffman (stiffens the defence but his combination with Mannering weakens attack), Luke (I've been told by a media friend he's more excited about learning te reo than playing football), Roger Tuivasa-Sheck who we didn't get to see enough of, Ayshford (probably as good as Carlaw).

look at this year's team:

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, Vatuvei, Kata, Hurrell, Fusitua, Lolohea/Leuluai/Robson, Shaun Johnson, Lilyman, Vete, Luke, Hoffman, Thompson, Mannering, Lisone, Matulino, Gubb, Afoa, Sipley, Tevaga, Roache. On paper it's a superstar lineup. But what really happened?

Cappy couldn't decide what to do with Lolohea, Hurrell or Shaun Johnson. And for me that was the big problem this year. Cappy fucked that up big time.

The year would have looked so different IMO if we had have seen this team playing:

1-Roger Tuivasa-Sheck
7-Shaun Johnson


All of a sudden you have a lot of size to go with the pace. BUT I still see 2 things missing: A solid centre and a mongrel forward-Hoffman is a boss but not intimidating like a Taupau, Graham or Tamou/Scott. For the life of me I would have left Kata as wing cover for Manu and keeping Ayshford honest on the left centre. I would have played Hurrell with Ayshford in the centres. Forget what you saw with Hurrell this year with us-it was under Cappy's watch.

With Taukeiaho and RFM we would have the size we need, Mutts at second row provides line-bending power at the line, providing second phase play. Which we sadly lacked with Hoffman. I think Lilyman and Hoffman were not the right balance for us. Lilyman doesn't bend the line any more. It's all about having the right balance of defending and grunty players with the runners, offloaders.

But Cappy IMO has the wrong emphasis on defence IMO.