Yeah I dunno, part of me was pretty surprised about the whole ‘Chanel Harris-Tavita to test the market’ thing. Imo has not shown enough to even consider testing the market. If you think you’re that good, back your self to beat Nikorima and Ash, who are both ‘failed’ halves, don’t just take the first opportunity to jump ship.

Most supporters either hope he comes good, or believe he can. I’ve been a critic but would love him to come on and dominate in the first 9 or 10 games next year.

My guess? It feels that someone’s told him he’s better than he is and feels he should be a walk up starter. If he gets an offer to be a starting half somewhere he’ll sign and push for an early release. Hope I’m wrong and does the hard yards a la Bunty
My understanding is that on Chanel's side they are unsure of his worth and are testing the market, I understand that the Warriors are OK with that.

Likewise the club wants Chanel to reach certain benchmarks and have given him time to reach them, entirely reasonable. The only hitch is him getting games, are we still with Redcliffe in Q Cup?
I'd like to see Chanel Harris-Tavita be given a stern word from coaching to just concentrate on developing his game as a half and not to put his body on the line for massive hits

I don't care that he can put on a hit and fire up his teammates. The forward pack should lead the way there

No good having a half that sits on the sidelines and wastes his development stage
Here is a highlight reel of just his hits.

They are things of beauty

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Man I want it so bad for him! He has to show a lot more this year though, hopefully injury free warriors 2022 should be the catch cry.
Yeah he seems a likeable guy, but unfortunately hasn’t shown much so far. I’ve been a big detractor of his as his on field performances have been pretty meh, but would love it if he threw me a massive f**k you and lead us to the finals. Would gladly eat my words.

Unfortunately there are many top blokes who just can’t handle the NRL however, hope he’s not one of them!
Hopefully giving up the booze helps him kick the ball higher!! Those low range bombs on the last tackle piss me off more than words can explain!!!
What's he doing being a pisshead during the season anyway, and how is nobody at the club monitoring these kids' drinking when they all live together? No wonder he couldn't put a dropkick over, he probly saw 4 goal posts.

Good on him for the new attitude though, time to grow up and start acting like a professional Warrior. We're not good enough to sit around getting wasted all week and still win at the weekend, you're not at the Storm yet boy.
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