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How did Manu go?
Looked a bit ring rusty but OK. Most of his runs were from his own line as Salford never created space for him on attack. They kept turning inside. I'd give Manu 6/10

Wigan won it because they got their noses in front and kept possession better when some heavy rain blew in during the last 30 mins, Salford kept coughing the ball up in the wet. Shame because from about 20 mins into the game when they were 0-12 down, Salford played really well and were in front 14-12 at half time. Final score doesn't reflect the game, much tighter.
So this years final is Saturday August 26, Hull v Wigan. A repeat of the 1985 final when there were, at my count anyhow, 5 Kiwis in the starting 13's. Also 2 Wigan players who were subsequently used by international Rugby Union teams to teach them how to tackle


Challenge Cup Final at Wembley has always been viewed as British Rugby league in its Sunday best. In recognition of some of the great players and great matches played there, a bronze statue was erected outside the redeveloped Wembley in 2015 depicting 5 players who had each made their mark in the final, Billy Boston, Eric Ashton, Martin Offiah, Gus Risman and Alex Murphy. Commentator Ray French did a quick piece on four of the players, the first of these is here:

the others are:

It should have been called Frenchies famous 4 because I don't think he did a video of Offiah, here's his best Wembley try though:

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