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After a great start, Canberra’s English experiment is not going to plan.
Home sickness is a real thing and it can be real lonely living on the other side of the world away from friends, family and familiar surroundings.
The move across the Tasman is easier but clubs still work hard to ensure that NZ players fit in and are happy.
One famous case of home sickness is a guy from Wainuiomata who couldn’t make it work at Newcastle, Tana Umaga.
The Raiders were one of the fancied sides coming into the season. Their issues are more than just Williams being homesick.

Nicoll-Klokstad being injured is a blow but look at the injury tolls of the other sides.

The coach is a know sook but listen to his press conferences he is starting to sound like he's running out of ideas. He has been there a long time. When he first started at the Raiders we were racking up big scores against them with Tomkins putting Hurrell into space. Those two haven't been here for a long time.

He's a club legend and close to the CEO so it could lead to some tough discussions or they might not want to make it and keep going.
I think Ricky is a great coach, they just need to start blooding some young talent. They will have to go to market for a halfback but they need to change it up from this English experiment. When fit they still have a decent spine, but also the situation with CNK will be interesting.
Ricky is a pillock. If he carries on to his team like he does in the media its little wonder they are falling to pieces.
Much as I can why the Raiders did what they did now, this really should have been sorted out earlier in the season. And the bastard mucked up my Fantasy team selections for the week (not that I can blame my 1-9 form on him entirely, but even still....)