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Do you sack Cameron George

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Did I hear correctly that CG said they will “take some time” to access and evaluate before going through the interview process of recruiting a new coach? Is this a repeat of the SK to NB saga?
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This year yet?
If you google search ‘the Cameron George’ you will find some interesting opinions about his time in racing

Edit - I have deliberately not linked them here because I don’t know whether or not they are true
Unfamiliar with the site and some of the intricacies of horse racing, but there’s certainly some behavioural patterns that seem all too familiar in there with what’s been happening with the Warriors. Also alarming that if things come to the same conclusions that they have appeared to In racing with the Warriors
We didn't. Eric Watson knew him from the Auckland Racing Club
Back in the day when some business people actually rated the Watson (just some!! :rolleyes: ) he astounded people by hiring on a whim.
Donald Trump does the same...common link...both grifters.
Yeah I know and what horrible timing for SK, who had all the right intentions, wasnt rushing the club turn around, didnt have the roster we ultimately needed but still got us to the top 8 and we were nearing his Offensive "process" in comes George and releases a bunch of players including both back up halves and CNK, then a public tirade on twitter about Shaun Johnson not being worth his salary, when Shaun Johnson never asked for the salary in the first place. Then those horrid videos of the team meets with him swearing away. And on it goes. As per the coaches thread, imo its time to clean out some management like Endacott has suggested and put some professionalism into the club.

Heck Id love a coach who looks like Trent Robinson on game day, makes a statement for our teams professionalism, but it has to start well above the team.


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We could have a 1pm update on the search for our new coach. Every day a different candidate ruling themselves out and Cameron George spinning it that they weren't our preferred candidate anyway and time to go now as the phone is ringing.
I wish he’d show evidence of the phone calls from all of these coaches- just show us the recent calls over last week
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Re Endacott saying its a good time to clean out. As we all know, thats pretty hard given the 2 man problems are not removeable.

I think its a real shame the Warriors were not bought out by a NZ sporting franchise.

I hate to say it, but I think if NZ RL are not interested, one of the NZ Union groups would have better experience in owning and directing a sporting club, ie you never hear from them, they are simply an internal voice.
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