Gameday < 2021 Bulldogs vs Warriors Gameday Chatter [Round 3, 2017]

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  • Warriors Impound!

  • Warriors 13+

  • Warriors 12-

  • Warriors JANFIN Special by 6

  • Warriors Golden Point

  • DRAW

  • Bulldogs Golden Point

  • Bulldogs 12-

  • Bulldogs 13+

  • Bulldogs Bite!

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It is what it is with Tui, hoping he comes good for us tonight
Our forwards are the key
I don't care if we need to Beg Steal or Borrow to win this game
Just come away with the 2 points.
In terms of personnel,
We should be looking forward to better things over the next 2 weeks

Lets Gone Warriors!
Excited to go to my first warriors season game tonight. Will have to tone down my usual language watching the warriors in public for a change.

I think the stadium will suit us, perfect conditions should help our game more than the dogs. We are two from two in preseason here.
At least your preseason record won't be wrecked tonight.

Only if there are kids around bro, otherwise it's open season! Seriously though, the language thing can be a bit grim with some clowns... at a game last year, my mate and I were doing our usual thing of giving grief to opposition players, using creative, family friendly insults as we do. Folk around started to get in on it, and one dickhead tried to get on board with us when someone dropped the ball and muffed a certain try... "HAHAHA I'm gunna f*** your mrs up the arse ya loser". We were surrounded by kids. :(

Yeah sorry bout that- I was just trying to fit in...
Hoping Abbey dont come back to haunt us.
Alot bigger now and showed some toe during the nines.
Hope he gets caught up in RFMs afro.

We got this , dont know why i feel confident about it.


Long live the Rainbows and Butterflies
I am so bummed, thought this was the game they were going to cover on 9. Silly me, dont get to see this one either. Oh well, keep the commentary flowing i live and die on every word.
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