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Losing Brian Smith is another nail in a well sealed coffin. Him being at the club offered a wee bit of rugby league integrity, would have carried a bit of clout at the bargaining table. Not sure how or why Brian leaves, intelligence one would suspect! but, very worrying that proven Australian league staff are going and SK f@#kin stays.

That could be it for me? F#ck the 2002 side for sucking me in with free flowing, attractive, attacking winning football. How does the club attract new fans? seriously!

Yep, I think I am out. Just thinking about SK f#cks me off, he really is a brainless muppet, with no coaching ability, how has he been able to survive? It is just insanity...
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I was wondering this a while ago. Anyone met new fans? Most of the fans I know have been long term fans/are ex NZ residents in Aus. How does a club attract new fans through organic means? Would love to hear that view from a new fan(last 2/3 years)?
your right about that here in Oz we're not even 2nd, 3rd, or 4th choices, I think possibly if we're playing the Storm we might get support, but realistically the world hates the Storm, so that's nothing to hang our hat on.
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I still think the old lady asking all the hard questions at the famous members meeting was Bruce in one of Mrs Bruce's wigs, how else can he explain ending up on a date with Brian Smith? I nearly asked him out myself but Brian saw him coming first, just sayin like.
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Does anyone know if he was based in NZ full time?
A strange question I know but I recall seeing an article or maybe Smith himself when interviewed mentioning he'd be travelling between Australia and back a lot, not all for work but more to be with family and partly living there still. That could explain the "new direction" or tie that into the speculation on cost cutting.

The second part is he was supposed to be a sounding board for our coach. Has Kearney told management he doesn't need him?
Don't laugh I know surprised Kata couldn't pass or game models only changes between seasons not for the opposition coming up that week. But it's worth putting out there.
Heard this was coming, word on the street was a direct decision of new owners.

As I said on other thread

What I don't understand it that both Corvo and Smith were direct appointments of SK and George. They didn't inherit them from a previous regime. This tells me one two things. 1. The environment is as shit as speculated and even people with previous success can't function that well. 2. New owners are starting to pull some strings and shake things up. My worry is SK and "Boy George" will go into full self-preservation mode and the club will be put back a few more years as they sacrifice everyone to take the eyes of them. I have said this in the past, with all the staff turnover the one common denominator is SK. I would suggest his acclaimed "man management" skills do not apply to his staff and the way to take the responsibility of the team's performance is to place it on those around him. I reckon the Auxtex boys won't tolerate this much longer, they are too smart and ruthless.
Was talking to an Aussie Eels fan at the test last night. Really nice guy. I asked him if they would like a coach back. He smiled wryly, and sort of sadly, and said I know exactly what you mean. He said the guy was a brilliant player but he cannot coach and the players don't seem to get on with him either. What can one say?

Also, if SK, George and Iro resigned who would give a flying fark?...but no ladies and jellybeans we have three of the most successful people in the game in their jobs leaving...and wait for it...there is more...Justin Morgan to coach the reserves!!!

Why did I buy a season ticket?
That's fucken shit aye! I mean the warriors are the best at killing a good thing, what is it with this club and the egos that end up here!? Honestly I'm sitting here losing my shit just reading all the comments and listening to the club and the club is keeps on repeating the same mistakes! (John hart).

If anyone was going to be cleared out it should of been the coaching staff! There may be a bigger play here that we dont know about, but we can only comment on what we are seeing, and after hearing brian smith at the forum and now hes gone? This club is such a fucken minefuck! No wonder we cant have consistancy! Maybe autex could do good by hiring.......... dear I say it? STEVE TEW!!!!!
I was wondering this a while ago. Anyone met new fans? Most of the fans I know have been long term fans/are ex NZ residents in Aus. How does a club attract new fans through organic means? Would love to hear that view from a new fan(last 2/3 years)?

I have watched all sports all my life and was a Raiders fan pre 95 but I would never have called myself a league fan just a general sports fan. I have never played the game, closest being playing 10 years of touch and generally playing individual sports.

Over the last 5 years I have followed the Warriors more and more and now league is the main sport I follow.

My reasons for getting into the sport harder core include:

* I would consider myself a fan of the sport with the Warriors as my team. I don’t get overly passionate if we lose as I still appreciate a good contest (ref/judiciary/bias is slowly killing that more than the Warriors current woes)
* Rugby lost me. League is 100% a better spectator sport.
* Personally I appreciate the athleticism, individual brilliance, WOW moments that league offers. I can appreciate other teams as well as the Warriors and follow their players.
* League markets the individual (rugby markets the team) it drew me in the superstars and how they are showcased/ promoted.
* Tied in to the above, superstars move around a lot more than the likes of rugby. You always had a Tonkins, Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, etc to get you interested in the season,
* The Warriors, while always underperforming always have smart marketing where the players front the media and talk up their chances. Steve Price on Radio sport back in the day helped me engage with the club and feel connected. Maloney was another.

I was drawn in and with time on my hands found the natural strengths of the sport made it easy to follow. As a fan all I want is a fair even competition and the warriors support would naturally grow
I'm not fussed that Brian Smith is leaving, what has he actually achieved since being here? What was his actually role anyway? If anything it gives Kearney more freedom to do what he wants with the team, whether that's a good thing or not I'm sure you will all tell me 😉.
Wasn't Smith's role to take more of Kearney so he could focus on the team more? He cant manage the football team and do all other things necessary to run a football club all on his own IMO? Smith did bring us peter osullivan I guess.
I believe a good scout is a must at a club and hes the best in the game! But what is confusing is the talk about the future from these guys! And then I'm off? Who is pulling the strings here? What is the direction? We as fans need clarity because all we see is struggling on the field and then good people exiting Stage left. A it more transparency with thier fan base would be amazing!
I don't understand this move at all. Smith was supposedly the league experience at the club and responsible for the development program. He seemed to be on top of that over the last couple of years with some exciting young talent now on the books and being groomed for the future.

I also understood the was supposed to be a sounding board for the head coach in terms of NRL and coaching experience. I had the impression this season that SK was a coach who didn't listen to anyone, least of all Smith (and maybe Corvo) so maybe Smith just got fed up with the crap and walked.

Or it was my way or the highway and he was the cheaper option. Disappointing but I guess all we can do is wait for something positive to happen like; can the Tongan Invitational coach Mr Woolf get out of his gig with St Helens?
What happens at board level isn't going to be transparent to the fan base all of the time.
The new owners surely must have some strategy to move forward.

I was a great fan of Carvo and Smith, but sitting back on reflection what did they achieve here? Certainly Carvo in his first year helped get them on their early season winning run.

If once again Brian Smith had more involvement in tactics team selection I think we would have done better. The Kata selection debacle unfolding was painful for fans and Kata.

Back to the point there must be targets out there that are being pursued behind closed doors. I definitely believe SK is on notice and maybe all his excuses are being eliminated from the equation. Some say ready for a new football management team.

I am disappointed we missed out on Maguire as I think he would have been a perfect fit. But the owners now must play with the cards they have been dealt and make their own luck.
It’s hard to measure Smith, when the key things he was brought aboard to do, set up a better talent identification system and development better 1st graders can’t be measured in two seasons.

Screams of cost cutting to me as they don’t appear to be replacing him. Just another short sighted and idiotic move by this club.
I'm not sure what the impact of Smith departure will be. Along with Crovo it's the perception and experience that has left the club.

Now the club is left with relatively junior staff. Which doesn't bode well when your wanting to sign some elite junior players from your rivals.
I think Smith played the long game setting up pathways so we might not see this for another 4-5 seasons.
As for a sounding board or helping Kearney, I’m not sure SK has taken that much from Smith which could be frustrating to him. Management may see there is no value if SK isn’t using his advice and therefore taken him away. SK can’t manage a team let alone whatever Smith does. Perhaps they’re setting Kearney up to fail by not hitting KPI’s and they have a get out from there which is cheaper than sacking.