Considering both were previously warned and the Broncos could only tolorate so much it was the best move and decision they had to make. Although with Seymour I wonder really because of his form he wasn't likely to feature in 1st grade for a while but his added incident probably didn't help for his own behaviour either way.

Oh well, I still think the Broncos clubs tance on this is good and hoopefully people and other clubs pay attention to this.
I understand that the Warriors could give these guys a fresh start, but we're having enough problems with off field discipline already as it is.
RS_Dragon said:
might be available for the Warriors?

well presumably both are now on the open market. seymour was already unwanted anyway this just makes it really bad for the rest of the season.

I really don't know if the warriors have any cash left for signings of what seymour and costigan would proabbly be on or want. my tip is one or both proabbly end up in super league.

Police have decided not to pursue an assault complaint against dumped Brisbane Broncos rugby league halfback Brett Seymour.

It was alleged Seymour head-butted a woman on the dance floor of the Regatta Hotel at Toowong in Brisbane's inner-west on July 31.

But one of two female complainants against Seymour withdrew her complaint while there was insufficient evidence to support taking action over the other woman's allegations.

The Broncos last week terminated the contracts of 21-year-old Seymour and utility forward Neville Costigan because they had been involved in a spate of off-field incidents.

Costigan, 21, was charged with drink-driving in Brisbane earlier this month and fined $5,000 by the Broncos before his contract was cut.

He's due to face court in Brisbane next week.

Neither Seymour or Costigan have found another club.

The Regatta Hotel was also where former Broncos captain and National Rugby League board member Gorden Tallis was alleged to have thrown a glass at a barman this week after being refused service.

He had been out socialising with his wife Christine and other ex-players when the alleged incident occurred in the early hours on Monday.

Tallis, who apologised to hotel management and the staff member, is being investigated by police following a complaint.

The 33-year-old former international's position as the News Ltd representative on the NRL board could be jeopardised if charges are laid.

Broncos coach Wayne Bennett, who was instrumental in sacking Seymour and Costigan, has defended Tallis and says he's a responsible person and "a fine man".
DUMPED Shark Brett Seymour is in secret negotiations to resurrect his career with the New Zealand Warriors - and NRL chief executive David Gallop won't stand in the way of a deal.

Just four days after Gallop warned every club they could be fined for recruiting serial offenders, Seymour has vowed to clean up his act in an attempt for a final shot at the NRL.
The talented five-eighth had his contract torn up at Cronulla just three weeks ago after becoming embroiled in yet another alcohol-related incident.However, the 24-year-old has since taken steps to resurrect his career, including attending regular counselling sessions.
His engagement to long-term girlfriend Roseanne is also considered a turning point in Seymour's bid to pick up the pieces of his once promising career.
Despite New Zealand officials taking a vow of silence over the potential signing, The Sunday Telegraph has learned Seymour has already met with coaching staff and toured club facilities.
Another long-distance phone call last Thursday from Seymour to Warriors coaching director John Hart is believed to have ramped up negotiations.
Warriors chief executive Wayne Scurrah told The Sunday Telegraph during the week: "I can't confirm anything.''
Coach Ivan Cleary's phone went to message bank.
However, when contacted yesterday Gallop confirmed he was fully aware of the developments. But Gallop said a 2010 contract would only be registered on the strictest of conditions. "I told them 2009 was out of the question but we would look at 2010,'' Gallop said.
"I also reminded them this was a classic example of what was brought up at last week's CEOs' conference. That responsibility for who they bring into the game is something the clubs accept as being accountable for. I also spoke to the Warriors about how, in this instance, there would be the need for a number of conditions to be put in place. From what I understand both parties, club and player, are comfortable with that.''
The Warriors believe Seymour would prove an ideal replacement for retiring veteran Stacey Jones.
A popular figure at the Sharks, Seymour also has the backing of Cronulla coach Ricky Stuart. "Why deny it? In this case football would help Brett as a human being,'' Stuart said. "If it gets to the point where Brett finds another club the NRL should tick off on it, absolutely.''
Assuming he can stay off the drink, (and a trip out of Sydney may be just the ticket for that), I think he'd be a fantastic signing. The Warriors have got a 'no *****s' policy, so if the guy errs, the club will surely get rid of him - it also implies that they think they can contain his madness.
agreed , if he can stay off the plonk, he ll be a great buy for us ...
To be honest, I haven't seen much of him. I don't generally watch Sharks games. What's his game like?
Very good talented player. I hope we sign him. Though I rather have Micheal Witt back.
He can be very erratic, but how much of that is linked with his off field problems?

Very talented, and would be interesting to see him partnered with Moon. Both former Broncos, but with a 3 year age gap I'm not sure how often they played together if at all.
This is fantastic news. Have always rated the guy since he came up at the Broncos, he is still quite young and if he can get his attitude sorted then our halves are looking so much better for 2010 and beyond.
An interesting part of the article is Gallop saying it is out of the question for him to come over for 2009, we must have wanted him over to play straight away? I thought that was quite interesting.

Otherwise, fantastic news.
Yea, it'd be a great signing and I'd welcome him with open arms, he's still very young.

Here's hoping for confirmation!
No doubt alot of the drinking issues stems from the pressure of being a player in Sydney and the media attention that comes with that.

Could be a good move for him... and for us, a good all-round halfback, but someone that does need a good 5/8 outside him to relieve pressure at times.
Seymour is average..but would be a upgrade over Stacey, i hope the Warriors are only offering 1 yr with a option
I'd put Seymour above the average catagory. He's a good organiser....just like Witt was. I'd be happy to have him at our club.

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