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Jul 13, 2014
Money Ball Bodene Thompson 2016 season

18 games played.

Win Ratio: 39%
Without BT: 50%
Team Season Ratio: 41.5%

For and Against: -6.0 ave
Without BT: +1.8 ave

Points Difference -7.8 per game ave.

His 13 games this season have a win Ratio of 38% and a F&A of -3.9.
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Jun 21, 2012
Mt. Wellington, Auckland
Bodene Thompson is a great player but something is wrong with his game at the moment. Confidence, trust, issues at home... who knows but he is capable of a lot better. His last 4-5 games have been terrible and the errors seem to be compounding with each game.

I believe he still has a lot to offer and if he can find the form that had him as one of the fan favourites for the last two seasons we will be lucky to have him in the squad...


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Jul 13, 2014
Bodene Thompson is a great player but something is wrong with his game at the moment. Confidence, trust, issues at home... who knows but he is capable of a lot better. His last 4-5 games have been terrible and the errors seem to be compounding with each game.

I believe he still has a lot to offer and if he can find the form that had him as one of the fan favourites for the last two seasons we will be lucky to have him in the squad...
You really know how to pull the heart strings Mt. I don't even care about winning footy games anymore. As long as Brodene is all good at home that's all that matters.


Now I'm gona get me some sleeping pills and some monster energy and get shit faced.;)


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Apr 10, 2016

Michael Burgess
Michael Burgess is a sports writer for the Herald on Sunday.
Bodene Thompson's Warriors future in doubt but Blake Ayshford signs on
1:25 PM Tuesday Jun 6, 2017

Bodene Thompson's future in doubt at the Warriors Photo: Renee McKay /
Bodene Thompson's days at the Warriors could be numbered.

The Warriors' second rower is off contract at the end of this season, and it appears unlikely that he will be at Mt Smart in 2018 and beyond.

Negotiations have been ongoing between the player's representatives and the club for some time, but the New Zealand Herald understands that things are currently at a stalemate.

However there is better news for Blake Ayshford - who is very close to agreeing a new deal - while young halves Ata Hingano and Mason Lino have also recommitted to the NRL club.

It doesn't help Thompson's case that the club have signed Tohu Harris and Leivaha Pulu for next season, and the new duo are likely be be the first choice second row combination, alongside Simon Mannering at lock.

That would mean that Thompson would slip down the pecking order at the Auckland club, while the continuing emergence of Bunty Afoa and Isaiah Papalii will further boost back row stocks at Mt Smart.

Thompson hasn't helped his cause this season, with a series of unconvincing performances, including a sub-standard display in the Warriors 32-24 loss to the Eels in Sydney.

Thompson was one of the best players at the club in the 2015 season - especially in the first half of the year - and seemed a great recruit. But the 28-year-old has struggled to recapture his form since then.

He's been part of a vulnerable right edge defensively, with the Warriors being torn apart down that side in several games this season.

Sure, Thompson wasn't helped by playing out of position in the first three rounds (at hooker in round one against the Knights and in the centres in round two and three) but he has also struggled to match his output from the previous two years.

He's averaging only 50 running metres a game this season (down from 85 metres in the previous two years) and hasn't had the same impact with ball in hand.

"I don't know my plans for next season yet," Thompson told the Herald last month. "I will handle it week by week and then whatever happens, happens.Obviously you always want to stay at the Warriors but you need to take care of business out on the field each week first."

Ayshford's new contract is a reward for pure hard work.

The 29-year-old started the season in reserve grade, after being a regular first grader (22 games)last year.

But he has proved his worth since his return to the NRL team in round four and seems to be one of first picked each week by coach Stephen Kearney.

Ayshford is never going to be a dynamic game breaker, but the 156-game veteran is an important presence among the young players around him in the backline and has been rewarded with a one year contract.

- NZ Herald

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Nov 8, 2014
Penthouse Pet who is mum to NRL star Bodene Thompson’s son reveals code’s group sex culture
19 minutes ago

X-rated stripper Belinda Medlyn has lifted the lid on what she claims is a culture of group sex in the NRL.
Footy stars trade sex like playing cards
X-rated stripper Belinda Medlyn is at the centre of a modern-day “courtship” which started on Instagram three years ago and culminated in five secret sex sessions — including on the eve of Warriors star Bodene Thompson’s match day.

She consented to group sex with the $260,000-a-year rugby league star, including a foursome with two other NRL players.

Ms Medlyn and Thompson — at the time a Warriors player — had a secret romp hours before his team took on the Bulldogs and lost at ANZ Stadium on September 6, 2015.

There’s a pack mentality among NRL players. They think they’re rock stars who can do what they want, until it goes wrong

The Daily Telegraph can reveal Thompson’s 15-month-old boy Hendrix was conceived that night as a teammate looked on.

The secret relationship was conducted behind coaches’ backs and in team hotel rooms. In a series of online messages, the pair even sent pictures of friends and NRL players to each other for consideration for group sex.

The clandestine messages reveal the cloak-and-dagger lengths Thompson took to sneak the exotic dancer past coaches at the Pullman Hotel at the ANZ Stadium at Homebush that night telling her: “We’re not allowed girls in the hotel ... sneak in.”

Their son is now at the centre of a bitter dispute over finances to raise him. Ms Medlyn claims Thompson has been late in some payments of child support and wants more money. But he insists he doesn’t owe “a single cent”.


Bodene playing for the Warriors. Pic: Anthony Au-Yeung/Getty Images.
Ms Medlyn says she does not want to hurt the 29-year-old footy star, who is also the father to a seven-year-old boy from a previous relationship.

“There’s a pack mentality among NRL players,” the 35-year-old said. “They think they’re rock stars who can do what they want, until it goes wrong.



Stripper Belinda Medlyn talks about having a child with NRL star Bodene Thompson

“We were never boyfriend and girlfriend, but Bodene is a role model to men and young boys.”

The story of the former stripper and the footballer started at the Santa Fe Gold strip club in Townsville, where Thompson’s Tigers teammates paid for dancers after a crushing 64-6 defeat by North Queensland Cowboys on August 9, 2014.


Belinda Medlyn on the cover of Penthouse.
He was not there but a dancer introduced them on Instagram and they exchanged flirty messages over Facebook and WhatsApp.

First they had sex on a couch at his apartment in Rhodes in Sydney during the early hours of August 29.

Weeks later they had sex at her Coogee apartment. When the West Tigers’ season had ended a month later, Thompson, organised group sex with two other NRL players at her apartment.

They had a “ganga” with his male friends in a Gold Coast hotel room in December 2014. On the eve of their last encounter, he texted asking for a threesome but she replied: “Only you tonight.”

They had sex at the hotel as a teammate looked on — but did not use protection at his insistence.

Documents dated March 30, 2016 confirm Thompson as the father. He attended the birth of Hendrix at the Royal Hospital for Women in Randwick on May 16.

Ms Medlyn said she was desperate for her son to know his father better. She said Hendrix and Thompson had only seen each other seven times.

Thompson’s lawyer said: “He has always sought an active role in his son’s life and doesn’t owe a cent.

He is trying to work out an arrangement to see his son more; he lives in New Zealand and can’t just jump on a plane.”

Thompson, who is now in a relationship with Kiwi dance star Kaea Pearce, has refused to answer the Daily Telegraph’s calls.


Belinda’s selfie in hospital with newborn baby Hendrix.

Belinda with son Hendrix.


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Nov 8, 2014
NRL players bond over sex and trade like playing cards
September 11, 2017 10:00pm
STAR footballers’ friends and teammates are offered up for group sex — dubbed by players as “gangas” — with nothing more than a photo shared over a text message.

The modern sex culture among star football players and women can today be revealed after a stripper lifted the lid on her relationship with a former West Tigers player.

After meeting on Instagram and messaging on Facebook and WhatsApp, current New Zealand Warriors NRL star Bodene Thompson and Belinda Medlyn arranged alcohol-fuelled hook-ups, where they offered each other’s friends up for orgies at their Sydney apartments and plush hotels around the country.

Group sex sessions now part of how sports stars “bonded”

In May 2015, he sent a picture of a teammate and wrote: “This guy is keen to f... you — me and the guys from the Gold Coast will be at a hotel and (sic) Brighton-Le-Sands and are keen to f... you again.”

Ms Medlyn later proposed her own friend for sex with an NRL player. “Id would like to watch you do naughty things to my friend,” she wrote. “I’ll hit her up.”

Ms Medlyn also offers to ask another dancer at her work to join herself and Thompson in bed. And she asks Thompson to organise a teammate for her friend. He sends photos of his mates for her to choose.


A text correspondence between Belinda and NRL player Bodene Thompson.
Ms Medlyn said group sex sessions were now part of how sports stars “bonded”.

“It’s about power, fast cash, fit bodies and getting any woman they like,” she said. “They don’t want to let down the team.”

Steamy saga started with solo session

THE night the set up between the Penthouse pet and the footy star started, he wasn’t even present.

Instead, it was Bodene Thompson’s then-teammates at Wests Tigers who had taken themselves to a Townsville strip club and spotted stripper Belinda Medlyn at work.

The team were at Santa Fe Gold Stripclub paying for dancers while commiserating over a crushing 64-6 defeat by the North Queensland Cowboys, which ensured the Tigers would not make the finals.

The next day one of the strippers spotted Thompson’s Instagram account and introduced him to Ms Medlyn.

Ms Medlyn then messaged Thompson suggesting a threesome.

Thompson immediately invited her to his two-bedroom apartment in the inner west Sydney suburb of Rhodes.

But she couldn’t make it.

Thompson then invited her for group sex one week later but when his friend bailed she arrived to find just him alone in a candlelit room sitting on his couch.

This is when they started their sexual relationship.

Pair’s testing time over parenting

WHEN Belinda Medlyn found out she was pregnant after a series of group sex romps with NRL players, she insisted on a paternity test.

She was sure Bodene Thompson was the father, but she felt she needed proof so badly she even offered to pay the $1760 for the test. Ms Medlyn revealed to Thompson via a phone call that she was five weeks pregnant after the pair spent the night together at Pullman’s Hotel in Homebush on September 5, 2015.

She claims she took the morning-after pill two days later but it didn’t work. She also says Thompson initially could not find time to do a DNA test — saying his schedule was “hectic”. Months later he did the test and paid half the cost.


Belinda with Hendrix.
Documents dated March 30, 2016 show there was a 99.9 per cent chance Thompson was the father.

The romps ground to a halt the day Ms Medlyn revealed she was pregnant. Hendrix was born last year at the Royal Hospital for Women in Randwick on May 16. Thompson was there for the birth and even cut the umbilical cord. He also suggested the middle name Lawrence — after his late brother. They struck an agreement of $500-a-month in child support. Thompson has kept up his end of the deal but Ms Medlyn claims some of his payments have been late.

Thompson’s lawyer Daniel McGirr said he wants to see Hendrix more. “Hendrix loves his father and my client is working on an arrangement to see him more,” he said.


Belinda poses on the beach while pregnant.

Belinda and baby Hendrix.


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Mar 5, 2014
I can't quite tell but it looks like it's RFM or Tui, Manu and Matulino (I might be wrong) in the photos mentioned above
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Wasn't keen on re-signing him before, I'm even less keen now.

Tall dude looks like Matulino.


May 21, 2013
Hah this will make the Jerome kaino / Aaron Smith stuff look tame.

Most of those guys don't play for the warriors anymore but.

It shouldn't really be published, where is the interest other than sensationalism? Not like he disowned the kid

The Truth

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Jun 17, 2013
The whole idea of this non story is to try and bring those pixelated people out into the open. If any were in a relationship then they will run with that story.
Mad Monday turned into a flop for the gutter journalists this time around.
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May 18, 2012
Whether you like it or not, these kind of stories will continue to appear because people are interested in it. Even though there is consent and no allegations of harm, it isn't a great look for the game, not sure how you properly deal with it as an administrator.

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