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From the Daily Telegraph

Canterbury have signed Blake Green to a one-year deal and will honour the contract despite the veteran rupturing his anterior cruciate ligament for Newcastle last Sunday.

Green is Trent Barrett’s first signing in a homecoming of some sorts for the 33-year-old, who played 18 games for the Bulldogs in 2010.

The Bulldogs moved on Green prior to his injury when it became apparent Kieran Foran would no longer be at the club at season’s end.

Ever Hopeful

You'd think he'd be mobile enough to have some involvement in training early next year and then be recovered for the majority of games.

I'd be disappointed with the signing in general if I was a Bulldog fan though given his increasing lack of mobility. Mind you with Foran's efforts on Sunday, Green might actually be an improvement.
i have to admit i never understood why he would leave the remainder of his contract with the warriors, to go play a set number of game to take him to the end of the year, with no contract for next year. He would be my best pick as player to become a coach, and while there is a short term loss of income, no matter what he does he is facing that anyway when his player days end

I don’t buy that story, if they wanted him they wouldn’t be giving him shit in the media beforehand.
The dogs must be really wanting those first round draft picks this year and next...oh wait

Edit - credit to Green though. Sounds like a good enough bloke and it's unfortunate with what's happened to him.
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