General Auckland Vulcans v Mounties


Dont think he is fast enough for prop . Looks like it will be a hard season for them there has been ripped apart lost there coach and around nine players.


yeah Mark Ioane played really well..aint the biggest prop goin round but just kept hitting it up & making metres
Iosefa the ex panthers hooker looked the most experienced out there...his lil off loads & reading when the vulcans were short on D was crucial

Matagi was good for the vulcans..always made metres
Konrad need to get a fend goin..his was bustin the line but after every run dude would be on his haunches like he was hurt...his crash,bash style of runnin gonna take its toll if he keeps it up
Latu and Herman were solid in defense and Kingi good on attack
Penehe..aint 1st grade material what so eva

Thought Manu Mau should of got more game time...2nd hole runner for the club behind Maloney:)

wasnt a game of high was ours too lose