Internationals Anzac Test Match 2016

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Jul 25, 2012
I wouldn't underestimate that ozzy pack. Apart from Gallen/Tamou this is the machine pack that Mal's built at origin level. This 'old team' destroyed NSW in game 3.. Boyd, Inglis, JT, Cronk, Scott, Smith, Papalii, Gillett, Parker, Thaiday, McGuire. All his trusted soldiers.. ready made combos. They'll lift big time for Mal. Always respect them but never fear them ..But that's enough about them.

Different reasons both teams will want to win.. NZ going for 4 straight. Bromwich first time as captain he won't want to lose his first test in charge that's motivation for him to play well. Mal will want to get his era under way with a test victory..

Check out our pack.. Moa. Manu Ma'u. Taumalolo. Bromwich. Eastwood. Proctor. Taupau. Blair. Harris even though he's in the backs.. That's some beautiful forward power.

So exciting, while many say the ozzys are ageing our team looks youthful and powerful and all in form. Kearney knows his shit bro, we've got decent enough backs to finish off our sets.

Shaun & Nikorima will have a dream ride on the back of that pack.. I can sense DWZ having a big game too. No excuses with Kearney, players that have been chosen are there to do the job it's not about the ones that aren't there. Too good.

Black & white dynamite!.. let's go the Mighty Kiwis!!:cool::cigar:
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Apr 12, 2012
Hamilton, New Zealand
Anybody got confirmation on the final team? I am assuming Takairangi has slotted into SKD's spot?
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