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May 8, 2012
I agree that he’s corrected the defence deficit, yes. Building on what Cappy had already started. But Kearney has flung the pendulum a helluva long way over to the opposite direction.

A team that can’t defend is going to lose matches, but so is a team that can’t attack is going to lose matches.
Yea, I totally agree, but like you said, there's no point in playing if you cant defend. I'm looking a the end of last year and periods of it to show that attack was allowed, if they earned the right through defence. Hopefully this is something that they can get right, and we end up with a team we can be proud of.


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Apr 27, 2016
At least when Cappy was here I could understand what he was saying and could see the strategy he was trying to put in place. Now I am just confused, I don't understand what we are trying to be and I can't tell if we are getting better or worse. It feels like progress sometimes but our place on the ladder suggests otherwise.

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