Internationals All Stars 2021


This year yet?
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I wasn't expecting this game to be on, not sure why probably due to covid and everything being disrupted. Nice surprise seeing articles about different players being included.

Going to be good to have some football played.

Last year it was good to get an early look at Jamayne Taunoa-Brown. Curran got a nice try running a good support line, this year from a Warrior point of view it would be good to see him have game time.
Ofcourse Browny said no, the NRL scheduled our only trial on the same day as the All Stars game. NRL can gefe, not our problem.
Hopefully the trial is televised.

First chance to see our new team and also the streaming of the trials is always a unique experience with different commentators or no commentators etc.
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Yep Browny said NO .
Is this the first bit of friction for Nathan Brown and the Warriors?

Brown’s stance led to criticism from NZ Maori Rugby League boss Hemana Waaka who said he was disappointed by the coach’s stance.

“I think that is an ignorance in terms of releasing the desires of Maori people to represent their race,” Waaka said.

“The players acknowledge this is the only time they can get together as a whanau (family), as a ropu (group), as Maori.

“And recognise who they are in terms of the different tribes and the different history that goes behind them"


System reboot, see you all in '23.
That trial will only feature under 21s(or 23s cant remember) from each club, so not relevant.

I'm ok with the club/brown saying no.
Ok fair enough wasn't aware of that.

I'm still ok with it also. Both our halves and pack leader, seems like a recipe for injury disaster. They've already had a disrupted pre-season due to the split camp issue, so completely understanable why the club said no.