Will this revive the All Stars concept?

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This year yet?
Probably better opponent than the All stars that didn’t really have the same passion as the Indigenous team.
In saying that I’m still against any team that racially excludes players, call it “positive discrimination” if you like but it’s still discrimination
Thurston would have qualified if he weren't retiring. Eastwood might sneak onto the bench. I'm sure there are a ton of other guys with small amounts of Maori blood playing over in Aussie.
The NRL have dumped the NRL All Stars team replacing them with a Maori All Stars team ... good move.

That's awesome news ! I'm totally stoked as I know that it was something alot of people were calling for.

Still wish instead of Maori All Stars Vs Indigenous All Stars they call it Dream team Vs Dreamtime instead ...

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I'd be down for this but only if Jason Nightingale has some Maori lineage & is in the team ... just to see the Happy Haka one more time

I disagree with this team. To be fair to the race with the biggest input, i would have a P.I. team as opposed to NZ Maori. No 1 Island nation has enough to make the team, but combined the far outweigh any other racial group in the NRL.
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What fraction of heritage can include someone to that race? 1/32?
Im pretty sure the NZ government classification for what constitutes a Maori is anyone who considers themselves to be Maori. I dont think there is a requirement of any proof of heritage to be classified as such. I thought internationally, the rough rule is 1/8th gives you the right to call yourself that race. I personally consider it should be the majority of your bloodline is your race, if you feel the need to classify yourself. Myself, i am virtually all Irish, but i am simply a Kiwi or New Zealander, as several generations of my family were born here before me, abd i have never lived in or visited Ireland or Europe, so refuse those titles.
Being Maori I really feel proud when our team is allowed to play something.

That doesn't change the way I feel about my Whanau that aren't Maori one little bit, Love both lots just the same.

That's being Maori as I've understood and lived it my whole life.
The NRL have dumped the NRL All Stars team replacing them with a Maori All Stars team ... good move. Who'd be in the Maori side?

1, Ponga
2, Dallin Watene-Zelezniak
3, Whare
5, Rapana
6, Benji
7, Nikorima
8, Bromwich
9, Luke
10, Packer / Tamou
11, Proctor
12, CHN / JFH
13, Taylor

I'm sure I've left out some decent players!!

Tamou ? the guy that turned his back on us to play for Oz

Should never be picked to play for kiwis let alone NZ Maori !