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NRL: Ali Lauitiiti could make Warriors comeback at Nines
7:15 AM Friday Nov 20, 2015


Ali Lauitiiti will re-join the Warriors next season on a second tier one-year contract. Photo/Getty.
Warriors coach Andrew McFadden says Ali Lauitiiti could make his comeback appearance for the club at next year's NRL Auckland Nines.

The fan favourite - once dubbed the Michael Jordan of rugby league - is coming home to New Zealand to return to the Warriors where his top-level career began 17 years ago.

The 36-year-old back-rower is bringing his family back to Auckland after eight seasons with the Leeds Rhinos and another four with the Wakefield Wildcats in the Super League competition.

Lauitiiti has been signed on a second tier one-year contract and is not among the club's top 25 players, but will add experience and leadership to the wider squad.

McFadden still expects Lauitiiti to press for NRL selection and admits he's considered handing him a start at the Nines, alongside fellow new recruits Issac Luke and Roger Tuivasa-Sheck.

"I've thought about it but we'll see," McFadden said. "There's lots of players in our squad that would suit the Nines. He'll be in the mix for sure with his skill set."

The former 19-test New Zealand forward told the Herald of his desire to return to the Warriors after making a farewell appearance for Leeds in the Kiwis' tour opener late last month, following a testimonial season at Wakefield.

Twelve years after last wearing the Warriors jersey, McFadden is optimistic Lauitiiti can produce his best form and force his way into the top 17, while also helping to guide the club's large number of rising youngsters.

"I hope so, that's for sure. That's what we want him to do," he said.

"He's still got the skill and attributes that he's remembered for and he's played a lot of footy - he played 21 games last year - and we expect him to push like anyone in the squad.

"We've got some exciting young kids here that I'm also conscious of having experience and leadership around that so it's a good fit and he'll add some value to us."

Despite being in the twilight of his career, Lauitiiti size and natural ball-playing ability continue to make him a handful for any defence.

McFadden is confident he is prepared to work hard to ensure he finishes his career on a high and believes his ability and size can add a point of difference to the Warriors pack.

"He's still very sizable so it's something I'm conscious of," he said.

"He's going to have to put his best foot forward and be in the right condition, but from the discussions I've had with him, he's extremely motivated to make a real go of it.

"We're probably still looking [for more players to sign] but he's certainly going to add something if he can get himself in the right shape."

Lauitiiti made a try-scoring NRL debut as an 18-year-old against North Sydney in 1998.

He went on to play 115 games - scoring 33 tries - before signing for Leeds in 2004.

He's expected to arrive home in the next few weeks.

I like the Highlighted part...........
Hopefully its a 3 letter name first and last
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As much as I hate bad attitude at the Warriors and deplore what Packer did in Oz to earn his jail time, I suspect he must be reformed for the Dragons to sign him as they would only accept him under those terms.

He would give our pack some extra size and attitude and could be a cheap pickup as no other NRL team could use him. I always admired him for peeling back Kade Snowden of the Knights and putting us back on top.

However, it would be hard to take him back after having set him free. Would he resent the Warriors? Can he only play home games? Would we stifle Albert Vete who is another who gives us a bit more size and looked sensational in a poor team at the back end of last season?
News about Ali coming home, and all the new signings since Doyle has been on the scene prompts me to make this observation.

How bad have some of the Knobends who have been in Managerial positions in the Warriors. My finalists for King of the dickheads are Mick Watson and Ian Robson.

Absolutely vital to have the front office in order to achieve success.


Can't fault the Ali signing really, at first I thought it must surely be someone playing a prank or some wildly mis-interpreted information, but then was pleasantly surprised when I read it was true (albeit on a second tier contract). Wouldn't expect him to get much first grade time but if he can prove his fitness I could see him slotting onto the bench for a couple of games, would be interesting to see just what he does have left to offer at NRL level. There's a nice blend of experience in the wider squad, compared with even a couple of seasons ago. Guys like Robson, Ali, Luke, and even Ayshford should provide that extra leadership off the field that we've all been craving. Whether or not that'll translate to anything on the field I have no idea, but I think it certainly beats promoting half-baked NYC players and hoping they suddenly become NRL stalwarts.


I go with the Stacey Jones comparison...Super League is glorified reserve grade...if those clubs had to compete down here in the NRL they wouldn't cut it...I am ok with second tier though


Christchurch Born n bred white bait fed.
I go with the Stacey Jones comparison...Super League is glorified reserve grade...if those clubs had to compete down here in the NRL they wouldn't cut it...I am ok with second tier though
A lot of the poms that beat the kiwis came from super league so does that mean that the kiwis are playing at a level of glorified reserve grade.
Considering that they beat us.
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A lot of the poms that beat the kiwis came from super league so does that mean that the kiwis are playing at a level of glorified reserve grade.
Considering that they beat us.
They have always had some world class players up there, combine that with the NRL stars in the side and playing at home they can be a good international side, but the general standard of Super League is nothing like the NRL. They tend to have a few dominant clubs combined with outfits like Wakefield Trinity to make up the numbers. The top clubs don't have tough matches week in week out like the NRL. Just ask Sam Tompkins...he is a superstar up there.
Guys, Ali was pretty poor in Super League this season regardless.

Yep I like the idea of Ali coming back
But I think it would take him making a
hugely dedicated effort as well as being extremely
well managed in terms of training an game time
for him to make any positive impact in first grade,

If we got three games out of him during state of O
I would be happy ,
An if he makes one good break in those three games
I'd be:D:sperm::cigar:
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One thing about the super league is they spend a lot of time in the gym so don't lack for size or strength...but bench presses don't score tries
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To be fair Ali wasn't flash for Wakefield.

This season was poor partly to do with injury.

I do follow Wakefield's fortunes because one of my mates is friends with Pita Godinet who incidentally has had mixed fortunes there.

Pita's fairly well liked over there but he's been seen as a bit of a one trick Pony (intercepts) if you read thier forum.

I listen to some of thier games on night shift via BBC radio when work lines up with a Wildcats game I'll have a listen.

Ali has been carrying leg injuries so it was a nice surprise to see him pull out all the stops against the Kiwis.

There's no question Wakefield are a side that has to worry about lasting in the ESL season by season.
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I can't remember seeing Wakefield play for years...maybe decades...and not picking on Wakefield there are others just there making up the numbers as well...I doubt the bottom six in the super league could compete in the NSW cup...honest.

Sky also showed the lower super eights, which not only included Wakefield but also the likes of Leigh, Bradford and Halifax.


Warriors Orange Peeler
It's surprising how few people on here follow the ESL, given that it's on Sky and features a lot of ex-Warriors and kiwis.
Half the time I only get to see it because Ive just crawled in the door after a bender on a Sunday morning. The other problem is when you have teams like the Eagles playing Halifax or the Vikings take on Leigh its about as much fun as clothes shopping with the missus...