He's Ginger AND can kick goals. This kid will go far.

Also, just looked him up a bit further and he's 6ft, 90kg and has the same birthday as me.

Played Australian Schoolboys and went through the grades at the Bulldogs and then Panthers.
Shit and Penrith let him go!!!
Bulldogs fans were gutted when he went to Panthers, Now Panthers fans are gutted he is coming to the Warriors. Looks a talented ball player int the Brad Fitler mould.

Very good signing.

Neither the Dogs or Panthers fans were gutted. They rate him and would like to have kept him, but they realised the club had other options. Lets not go hyping him too much. Still has plenty to work on in ISP.
I don't see Keighran as anything more than a solid reserve grader tbh. Probably gonna go the same way as Zac Santo, only signed to keep the reserve grade team square so the young guys coming through can focus on building their games. Doubt he'll see first grade. We'd probably go with Hiku, Chanel Harris-Tavita and Roger Tuivasa-Sheck before giving him a crack.

Great signing though, you need good people all throughout the club and it sounds like he's a guy who can do his job really well.
Maybe you should read their forums then buddy

I do read forums which is why I know they rate him, would have liked to keep him, but aren't "gutted".

A pity but was bound to happen.

Sadly your right. Probably allows Lui to be re-signed for a little bit more too.

Wouldn't of played FG anyway. had no FG experience so isn't like that even comes into it. Wish him the best that said

I called that 2 weeks ago as well. Disappointing to be right on this one but he gets his chance elsewhere and hopefully it helps us keep Luai.

Really disappointed to lose Keighran. i think he will be a fantastic player. Although he was only with us for a year. Not losing a guy we invested a lot of time in developing.

There’s a good chance Luai will hardly play next year so Keighran would’ve been pretty low down.