General adam henry


Adam Henry is the best winger in the warriors 20s.
(well bar omar)

Cant believe you guys are dismissing him as average.
Yes - he is a less than average stand off.

If the Warriors actually left him on the wing the whole year, he would be one of NYC's best players.
Nobody backed billy tupou - and I reckon Adam could turn out better than bill tupou.

Better prospect than Penehe imo.
He is also miles better than Collier.
You sure about that? I liked Bill as soon as he hit NYC. Very elusive ball runner with a very happy knack for finding the line. The step up in year one was far too much for him, but its quite clear he's done some hard yards in the gym and frankly unless he really starts to go downhill at a steady rate of knots that #2 jersey is his to keep.


I definitely didn't back him, but I am happily eating humble pie.