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The truth about Adam Blair

American actress Linda Blair one day got attacked by a man who claimed he was from the future and wanted to kill her before she gave birth to a man who would fight to save the world from the machines.

Subsequently, Linda Blair met another man who also claimed to be sent from the future, but to save her from the first man. He was a manly man and they had sex. 'Tmay be that the man Linda Blair was to give birth to that would fight to save the world from the machines, that the first man was trying to kill Linda Blair to stop her giving birth to, was conceived.

Linda Blair was understandably freaked out and changed her name to Sarah Connor. She also called her little known identical twin sister and gave her the keys to her Hollywood career.

Alas, Miss/Ms Connor was hassled on several ocassions by a man claiming to be sent from the future to kill her and her child. This man was identified by his love of poor Windows product - "I Still Love Vista Baby!"

Well pissed off with the whole shebang, Ms Connor: A - Had a sex change and B - Changed her surname back to Blair. She choose Adam as her name and to live in New Zealand/become a New Zealand citizen.

With the added testosterone, Ms Connor/Blair or Mr Blair became very good at several things: science, time travel and rugby league. Mr Blair decided to use his ability at rugby league to make moolah. With a bit of time travel tooing and froing and frippery, he arrived as a rugby league player in the late 2000s.

I hope I've cleared that up for you all....
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