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Looks like only 9 games at Mt Smart next year WTF ???

It is nice that the club will cover 6 games and that we only pay for 3, but only 9 games WTF !!

I am hoping this changes.

The Warriors deserve better 😤!!

Email from club:

It’s still hard to believe, but after three years on the road we’re now standing at the dawn of a New Zealand home season and the return of live NRL action to Mt Smart Stadium in 2023.

And to ensure we’re able to reconnect with our most valued supporters and keep you at the heart of the action, you will be able to renew your membership for a 9-game Full Season Mt Smart package in 2023 from 12.00pm NZT on Thursday 1 September 2022.

Under this renewal process, you’ll receive the first 6 games at Mt Smart Stadium in 2023 at no charge under your 2020 rollover and are invited to purchase the remaining 3 games that will secure your seating for all 9 games.

To make this process as simple as possible, your Vodafone Warriors membership account will be updated on Thursday 1 September to show the additional payment required to complete the 2023 renewal and confirm your seats for the season.

As you will appreciate, demand for premium seating will be strong so we encourage members to complete their renewals by Monday 3 October, after which time reserved seating will be released for purchase by new members.

For Season 2023, all ticketed memberships will receive the following benefits:
  • Reserved seating at Mt Smart Stadium
  • 2023 membership card
  • Member Pack (comprising a cap, lanyard, bumper sticker, key ring, and lapel pin for adults; with a stationery pack, lanyard, sticker sheet and drawstring bag for kids)
  • 10% Discount on home game casual tickets
  • 10% Discount on Merchandise from the Official Warriors Superstore
  • Discount on select away game tickets
  • Special offers throughout the season from our supporting partners
  • Pre-Sale access to NRL events including the Grand Final and State of Origi
  • Details regarding which games will be played at Mt Smart Stadium in 2023 will be confirmed later in the year once the new season draw is released.
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I think it’s 27 rounds, with 3 byes so it’s the same amount of games.
Could Eden Park be used for two games? Or is the woman’s FIFA WC played in both NZ & Aust and Mt Smart is going to be used, if that’s the case then there’s your 2/3 missing home games

There’s a stadium black out for a month or so during the womens WC
I assume only 9 at MSS, 1 at Brisbane in Magic round and 2 elsewhere in NZ
One would hope they'll play games in at least two other NZ cities to reinvigorate RL in NZ - which could be good if the Kiwis go well at the World Cup (as expected - although that in and of itself is worrying... prefer the underdog status!).
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I will be livid if one of the 3 home games away from Mount Smart are a part of Magic Round.. It is so ass backwards if Abdo is parading around talking about a second New Zealand Team and thanking to Warriors for playing is Australia to maintain the integrity of the competition, only to turn around and make the Warriors play a home game in Brisbane, play an away game at 10pm NZST on a Tuesday for ANZAC day, and the only bone we get is the All-Star game being played in NZ when it should have be played here every second year anyway and has little to no benefit to the Warriors themselves.

It is still early days though so fingers crossed we will be an away team at Magic Round next year, or even be the one team that has a bye that weekend.

It really should be all 12 of our home games at Mount Smart and then we get four teams to take home games to Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington and Hamilton against us but, if it is a case of us having 9 in Auckland, 3 in Dunedin, Christchurch and Wellington, then we play away games somewhere like Hamilton, Rotorua or New Plymouth, that would be O.K I suppose..
It would be good for the club to explain what is up with this.

The narrative by the club was Robinson was pouring money into the club during covid to save us...

But the Steve Deane article recently had Abdo saying they kept the club afloat during covid and implying that was their way and the extent of supporting us through covid / and why we weren't getting extra games.
One would hope they'll play games in at least two other NZ cities to reinvigorate RL in NZ - which could be good if the Kiwis go well at the World Cup (as expected - although that in and of itself is worrying... prefer the underdog status!).
I wouldn’t put it past the NRL that it’s up to the Warriors to let the game grow in NZ.
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The Warriors will be giving away tickets or cutting the price in half to some of the games so perhaps a season ticket is not as attractive as it once was ??
It makes it for attractive to me, personally. Given I pay a fixed price for seats, I would much, much prefer to attend games with 20k+ people than 10k+ people.
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