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Oct 17, 2021
Tauranga, NZ
he's just not that good! He's okay, he won't be old by the end of it which is just as well as he gets injured all the time as a young player.
I'm not a huge fan of Egan but this seems a good signing. He is solid without being stellar and does a heap of tackling to take pressure off our big boys. He is only 24 and by all accounts we think we have something special with Taniela. Signing him to 2024 gives us a reasonable hooker until Taniela transitions to be the Alpha.

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Dec 7, 2018
I'm not sure normal contract prices apply. Covid has affected junior development and the Dolphins increase demand.

Combined with retirements it's the perfect storm for player managers.

I'm happy enough we've resigned Egan. With 67 games played I'm hoping to see him make some smart choices on the field. It should also allow Otukolo to keep developing.

It's looking like not every club will have a serviceable hooker in 2023 and I'm glad it's not us.


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Jul 1, 2020
Yea id say 450k is fair enough considering hes our starting 9 with over 50 games of experience. Not a high ceiling and injury prone but hes is an nrl standard hooker with age on his side
450k would be saying he’s in the 6-10 salary bracket for Hookers which is probably fair, for me he’s closer to 10th than 6th at the moment. Sounds like a knock on him but I actually don‘t mind Egan, his best games are all still in front of him imo.


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Apr 18, 2012
Fine with this. He seems a leader, had some great games this season, just seemed to get a niggle every time he performed. With no great hookers left on the market for 2023, he's well worth keeping. Otukolo is so young, ideally he'll over take Egan in the next couple years.


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Jan 2, 2013
Ranking of Hookers is a fun exercise, but it really comes down to how your Hooker adds to your team. I think he was overused early last season and will be a lot more effective as a 50-60 minute player. This will also give Otukolo time to develop with reasonable minutes. Jazz and Kodi can help out as needed as well.
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Mar 30, 2012
Re: Egan and his worth.


Ave salary by position at the link above based on 2019 data. Hooker data shown in above screenshot.


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May 7, 2012
I am fine with the one year contract.

We borrowed players recently and it worked out really well for us. Players on short contracts seem to get a real spark in their game.

I guess it freshens things up for them. Nothing to lose, one year to give it heaps in a completely fresh system with almost no pressure on you.

With Aitken moving to the forwards we need a specialist centre. Berry is very young, no rush there. He can play his way in, he will see game time.
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