Recruitment 2022 Warriors Recruitment Discussion

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Josh Kerr is a better signing than Ford. Kerr is actually pretty athletic for his size, but still not a prop. Has played a lot better when at second row. Decent potential in there somewhere.

Still can't get behind the Ford signing, haven't been impressed when I've watched him and I cant really see any areas we he jumps out as having room to improve. Has Super League written on him.
The thing I would like to know is who is identifying these sorts of players and making these signings?
If we are targeting Kerr then he's a solid signing but I also remember him having terrible hands so hopefully he's fixed that
I am getting old but If my memory serves right then Josh Kerr did some good offensive skills at the Perth Nines.
St George forum says he is actively being shopped around. Their fans are looking forward to him leaving as he didn’t fight hard enough for tough metres.
He has 5 tries in 54 games and a high number of line breaks. As well being a points scoring minded prop he is solid defensively with a 95% tackle efficiency

Before I say my next point bear in mind I was the biggest Kane Evans fan on this site.
Josh Kerr should be, on paper, a rich man’s Kane Evans.
He will put up similar running metre numbers as Evans I hope ( around 9 metres per carry ) but not get baited into fights like Kane was.
When we acquired Evans it was because his frame asked different questions from a tackling perspective and warriors management will see some of those advantages again with Kerr
Warriors recruitment is rubbish honestly the people they have signed are no names or injury prone players who nobody wants Warriors will be competing with the dolphins next year for the wooden spoon
I don't think so. They bought what they needed to fill the gaps. I don't support the club because they buy a premiership. That's what Roosters do and I don't support them. I support them because they represent us and I'm waiting for the day we do get it right. It will be undisputable because no club has made any sacrifices even close to what our boys have.

I enjoy the struggle. There will be no sweeter victory than ours. It will be worth it. I'll buy everyone a round that day.
TJ Perenara, Jordie Barrett and Ice Papalii follow the Warriors on Instagram, they’re all coming to the Warriors too!
Statisticians differentiate between static indicators and flow indicators
Someone being a long time follower of the warriors is a static indicator
Josh Kerr just becoming one at the contract time of season is a flow variable as the variable is changing state and hence more proximal and relevant from a temporal perspective.
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