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Kerr has a bigger frame and is more an out and out prop than Pene so it's an improvement just from a propping POV.

Overall doesn't move the needle. Fringe guy remains on the fringe.
Will they put him in the starting 17 Jagged on the bench?
or only called up as injury cover.
Injured and didn’t make the most of his opportunities in FG. Inconsistent apparently. This is what they have said on the dragons forum
More on Kerr below from a stat perspective

2019 7 games avg running metres 42
2020 20 games avg running metres 91
2021 20 games avg running metres 81
2022 7 games avg running metres 76

By memory we showed interest in 2019 but he committed to St George.

Here is some big news - he is contracted to St George for 2022 AND 2023.
I wonder if Pene and he are a player swap.
Perhaps St George have been convinced to release him early especially if they did drop him part way through last year.
Will they put him in the starting 17 Jagged on the bench?
or only called up as injury cover.

I guess it depends on what Webster wants from his propping rotation off the bench. If he goes with 4 props then Kerr almost makes it by default, but if we're happy to go with a 1 prop, 2 backrowers (1 acting as a prop for stints) and a utility, then he's pretty much just a like for like swap with Pene in regards to playing time.
Given his size there are certain comparisons between Manuleleua and Matt Burton. I can see him initially cracking first grade as a centre.

It’s a good choice for him initially, Ivan’s got proven record of bringing through young talent and an understanding of the weaknesses that New Zealand youngsters will have in their games.

It’s a shame for us, but given we haven’t produced a top junior since Cleary was coach, very understandable.
The development of juniors is dead set back to square 1. It’s going to be a minimum of 3 years probably 5 to start seeing some benefits and 10 if leadership is top draw to be consistent. Frustrating as but the sad reality of not being based at home.
On the up side we look to have some good people in and around player development 😅🤞🏾
Your right but looking at it glass half full the ride up for Penrith supporters has been amazing. They have built bit by bit rather than a quick flash and done. Would take 5 to 10 years of being competitive in a heartbeat.
The best thing that could happen is for Webster to be the next Bellamy Robinson or Cleary and to stay for 10 plus years.
Josh Kerr is a better signing than Ford. Kerr is actually pretty athletic for his size, but still not a prop. Has played a lot better when at second row. Decent potential in there somewhere.

Still can't get behind the Ford signing, haven't been impressed when I've watched him and I cant really see any areas we he jumps out as having room to improve. Has Super League written on him.
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