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The trouble I see with the Warriors is the culture at the club is crap. You could do an experiment, and bring all the Storm players over to play for the Warriors and Send all the Warriors players to the Storm. Within a year the Warriors plaers now playing in the Storm environment would be beating the Storm players now playing in the Warriors environment comfortably. We can bring in great players for 2023 and we might think the top 8 looks good but the reality is no matter who we bring to the Warriors, the top 8 won;t happen until the culture and setup at the Warriors is drastically overhauled.
no way, that Storm team is stacked.
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Like we have offered or he’s signed?

Freddy Lussick has continued to resurrect his career at the Warriors after securing a two-year contract extension with the club. The Warriors threw Lussick a lifeline when he was unable to crack a spot with the Roosters earlier this year. He has impressed so much in his three games that the club have handed him a new deal. The 21-year-old is viewed as a solid understudy to incumbent Wayde Egan
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He's looked solid when he's played. Really young, would be cheap. Otukolo is around also, so plenty of competition for spots. We need to fill a NSW cup team next year, so shouldn't affect Otukolo development. Let them fight out the back up spot.
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Read someone referencing the latest Roo & Hammer podcast & that apparently Lui hasn't traveled to NZ due to being unvaccinated. If true, that makes signing him bloody farcical
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Dude is playing so well, was a beast for the kiwis.

Yeah he's been pretty awesome the last 3 seasons or so, but has gone nek level the last 10 weeks or so.
The commentators always mention it, but he looks like he's so hard to put on the deck, makes his play the ball speed great.

Will be turning 29 next year in May - I wonder how much longer hell continue to play like an elite level player...
I don't think we have the money to snag him for next year, so I'd be worried about us signing a kiwi player in career best form for 2024 when he's on the wrong side of 30.
When I put it like that it just reeks of a Warriors recruitment decision!
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