State of Origin 2022 State of Origin

Carrigan, Cotter, Munster and Val all had great games.

Haven’t watched much footy outside of the Warriors this year - quite strange seeing a team turn up for each other time and time again in defence….
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Finally getting to go to my first SOO match, stoked that game two is in WA so the series will still be alive.

Slater, Smithers, and JT. What a triple threat to have running the show for Qld. Massive debuts from Carrigan, Cotter, and Nanai. Munster on an absolute tear this season, must have cut his sniff antics down to every other week this season and is paying off big time.

Chricton was yuck, wasted spot having him as utility. Missed Turbo and Latrell big time out there, as good as Wighton was having him come on as utility would be much better if they were there. NSW halves were all over the shop, and don't really like Cook's service he seems to take the wrong option far too often.

Hopefully the Blues can bring it back game two, but that is a good Qld team.