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2022 NRL Finals Discussion WEEK 2

Four first half tries now. Going to be hard for the Raiders now. Could be a big score coming.

Not like they are scoring all of their points down one side so the Raiders can plug that whole. Been down the left, right and now down the middle.


Man raiders had some shit luck tonight. The bounce between the legs, that perfect offload by Rapana that hit and Eels players face which is what knocked it over the side line.
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Niukore is a huge buy for us.

Yeah he's had a pretty quiet year with injury this year and and playing centre for them last year, but he's such a big body and the impact in his collisions are awesome to watch, makes a tonne of post contact meters too


Just another day in paradise
Mitchell is a class fullback

His positional play is always on point both on A and D.

Not like Walsh.
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