Lose on Sunday forget top 8, Melbourne next so we start to look ordinary. If we jag Sunday's game who knows.
Its about believe and never give in, so fingers crossed.
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Between 1 and 16. Given my lack of accuracy with predictions, that's as ballsy as I'll get.

Seriously: Between 7 and 11. If I had to pick one number - 8.
Because we are losing the games that I thought we should be winning I have to go 12th but missing the 8 by 2 points and for and against won't look good either. How is the origin period going to look this year? Usually that's our building block for the big fail at the end.
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If we somehow put it all together and pull off a miracle win this weekend then we're not actually going too bad, and who knows Sharks in crisis might drop out and the Knights look pretty dire now, we're still an outside chance of 8th with Chanel Harris-Tavita and Aitken still to come back.

But realistically we've lost our pack leader for the season and heavily depleted all over, I doubt we've got a shit's show unless we pick up a major signing or two. I'd say we'll fight it out with the Tigers for 9th and 10th again, promising season cruelled by injury.

The full implications of that Roosters game are just starting to sink in now, getting carved up by a high school kid and my two dads, it's hard to come back from that.
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Warriors Orange Peeler
This thread has become one of the staples of this forum that we trot out every single year and is symptomatic of the mediocrity we fans have come to accept from this club. The Storm and Roosters forum probably have an equivalent Premiership thread. Year on year we are happy to wonder about how we will scrape into the bottom of the top 8 barrel on mathmatical miracles.

I wonder why?

I think its more a realistic appreciation of where we sit in the comp and the the realisation that we just dont have a chance of regularly beating teams that actually are in the hunt.

Its depressing really. A decade of 'rebuilding' with no end in sight. Yipee...
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