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And Jazz isn’t mentioned as a loose forward..
Easy mistake to make as I often refer to him as a little forward.

The statement about the middle forwards is to show they have depth when releasing someone, probably helps with the casual audience who might be worried with them losing a player.

Glad to see Ale is still in the mix as his status was unknown. Hopefully he can just concentrate on his rehab. Frei I haven't seen much of besides those few first grade appearances.

The others listed as options isn't a surprise as we have seen it, can also throw Katoa into the list.

The other guys will likely see more time in the middle if they insist on playing Aitken as a second rower. I'm still mixed on that yes he was good filling in but would prefer to keep him as a centre who fits in when needed.
Thank god for that, now do Kodi.

5 spots left in the top 30 now.

I think POS is clearing the decks for major moves for 2023 season (e.g. Manu, Nuikore, etc). Maybe he’s going to front load some of the current contracts to get more cap space.

As far as 2022 goes, I don’t think there will be too many moves. Probably promote from within for those spots and keep one or two open in case anything pops up mid season.

Interesting about Frei. I thought for sure he would be gone. His stats in Redcliffe this year weren’t anything great. But POS is a huge fan. Signed him straight to Top 30 out of Roosters 20’s. Apparently he’s one of the hardest trainers and often players don’t come right from ACL until their second season fully recovered. He also has the height that POS covets. Not at all unhappy about choosing to go with the cheaper and harder working Frei over guys like Evans and Jamayne Tounua-Brown.
I would be happy for murchie to move into the front Row stocks and take Ale, really think Frei is a waste of roster space when we have robati. Would get a kepu twin in the 30 asap. Also see kosi picking up a top 30 spot? Not that I think that's right but now Fusitua is gone🤷‍♂️
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Technically Frei and Ale are contracted until November 1 so there may not be much weight to the article regarding their chances of being on board next season
Neither were on the departing players list like Isaiah Vagana who was told he wouldn’t be re-signed.

Things may have changed since then though for Frei and Ale
Yeah fair enough. I am pretty similar in thinking to where Soward had us. I think we tend to rate young guys like Katoa, Berry, Walsh etc very highly without accounting for the fact that they are still very young and the gap between their best and worst is still very large. I also think the lack of a really quality 9&6 hampers us greatly. You could maybe get away with it if you had ball playing back rowers or centre’s but when we tried to spread the ball early last year or become creative we looked very disjointed and not ready to play the game at pace.
As a fan I can't allow myself to think we are a bottom 4 side or else what is the point. We have to be hopeful that the players we have a good enough to push for the top 8. However, realistically and based on previous years of watching the Warriors disappoint I reckon we are anywhere from 7 - 14 (covers a lot of spots I know).
Yeah it makes sense, we lose Fusitua, Jamayne Tounua-Brown and Evans to balance the signings of Joey Manu, Niukore and Metcalf for next year 😂
I would be happy with one of the above 3 for next year and two of the above for 2023. Anything more than that is a huge bonus.
Technically Frei and Ale are contracted until November 1 so there may not be much weight to the article regarding their chances of being on board next season
Absolutely. A lot of people think the contract situation is "Players are not allowed to negotiate with other clubs until November 1 of the last year of their current deal", but it's actually that "Players are not allowed to sign a contract with another club until November 1 of the last year of their current deal."

So Frei and Ale will either be goneski as of November 1 or still negotiating with the Warriors and/or other clubs as at November 1...
I don't think we should put much in the cap trouble statement from the Mole. Could just be a journo trying to sound like he knows what's going on and adding context to something.

He might have a contact within the club now seeing as they are a bit closer at the moment. One advantage when we were home in Auckland and his source Elliott was gone we could dismiss a lot of his stuff.

Jamayne Tounua-Brown moving to the Cowboys might be a good fit as Payten did get more out of him in 2020 than Brown did in 2021.

Geoff Public

How the fark could we be in cap trouble?
Addin Fonua-Blake and Harris both around $800,000 then who?
Shaun Johnson and Walsh are our 2 strike players and they’re on less than a mil combined.
The only way that could be true is if we have a couple of big dollar players lined up.
Joey Manu November 1. We need to have 1 million available if he decides to say yes . I don't like waiting for a year for players. Too much can change, like we saw with Toby Rudolph.
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