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Just watched highlights of the rnd 3 2018 raiders game. It will be frickn awesome having someone who can close out games next year in Johnson. The Warriors should make it a priority to protect him during the season. Also I hope no one gets on him about running the ball, we don't need that from him anymore. Polish on the back of sets and closing games out. 🤞

Completely agree. But I suspect too many Warriors fans are going to expect the 2011-2018 version of S Johnson. And they will not be pleased when they don't get it. Hopefully Shaun's learned to ignore public whinging about his lack of tries. Not that stats are everything, obviously, but I'm looking for the number of try assists/set restarts forced etc that he gives us.


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Is that the same one where he picked the ball up then bounced it like a basketball it off Issac Luke who was lying prone on the ground and the feckhead ref gave them the penalty?.......can remember that one setting me off raging.......even thinking about it now gets me going.

That was the one. I think it really incensed Isaac Luke too, he tried the same thing later. The whole thing is just not in the spirit of the game.
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I thought if a player want to leave before his contract's up then the club's not liable for any freight paying? The freight paying only comes in when the club tells the player he's leaving before his contract's up?
I don’t think these situations are ever that binary.
If he goes I would be bery surprised if we dont chip in something at least for 2022. You usually can't get out of a bad contract without taking your medicine


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Can we hear them so we can speculate 😂
Ok I will start Tajhay is a pigmy with a 14 inch ( put your own word in here )

Mt Welly is actually the mad butcher, loves meat.

Nathan Brown is really Wayne bennets biological son that Wayne left as a baby hence all the bad blood.

But to keep this on recruitment we will be getting players next year
I’m guessing us?
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