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System reboot, see you all in '23.
Minor knock.

Is that a more professional, mysterious way saying "The player has an owwie somewhere, we have no idea where that somewhere is, exactly, or how he got the owwie. Or any idea how to stop the owwie. So he's out."?
It's a "he picked up a knock at training during the week, we are not going to risk our premier winger against the Titans in a trial".


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'He's teaching me the fundamentals' - Chanel Harris-Tavita set to thrive under Nathan Brown

Brendan Bradford 20 hrs ago


Chanel Harris-Tavita has always had all the talent in the world.
His dad and both of his grandfathers played representative rugby league and he was scouted by the Warriors while still at high school.
But after two seasons and 26 games in the NRL, the 21-year-old playmaker knows there’s still plenty he needs to work on.
While Harris-Tavita was brought up on rugby league, he admits his natural talent may have overshadowed some of the more basic elements of the game.
That’s where new Warriors coach Nathan Brown comes in.
The veteran mentor has worked closely with Harris-Tavita this off-season as the budding half looks to become an even more well-rounded player.
“He’s just trying to show me the fundamentals of the game,” Harris-Tavita told Sporting News.
“There might have been a few things I didn’t learn coming up that he’s taught me. I’m just looking forward to playing under his guidance this year.
“Australia and New Zealand have different development systems, and I think Australia’s is a lot further ahead in that sense.”
Rather than trying to change his style or approach, Harris-Tavita says Brown is adding new layers to his playmaking repertoire.
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“Browny’s just trying to teach us the fundamentals and principals of the game, then we can go out and play what we see,” he said.
“He doesn’t want us to stick to structure when there’s another opportunity, but these are the principals he’s teaching us just so we have something to revert to.”
Harris-Tavita has played 13 games in each of the last two seasons, shuffling between five-eighth, halfback and the bench before cementing a spot in the number seven jersey at the back end of 2020.
It’s been a long journey just to get here, and he remembers having second thoughts about his career choices when first training with the Warriors’ NRL squad as a scrawny teenager.
“My first season training with the first-grade squad was Manu Vatuvei’s last year with the team,” he said.
“We used to split into backs and forwards, but our backs were probably bigger than the forwards. We had Manu, Solomone Kata, (David) Fusitua, Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad – all these big backs.
“So, I was barely 80kg, tackling my bro Manu who was 140kg running full speed and I’m sitting there going ‘bloody hell, do I really want to do this? Do I really love the game that much?’
“But it was good practise for me. I got through it and now I think back to that preseason and think this one isn’t so bad.”
Fast-forward four years and Harris-Tavita is an established member of the squad and will start alongside Kodi Nikorima in the halves when the Warriors begin their 2021 campaign against the Titans on Saturday.
He’s filled out a lot since trying to take down Vatuvei at training and with a combination of new rules introduced to speed up the game, a stronger understanding of the basics of his position and a license to play what he sees, Harris-Tavita is looking forward to taking advantage of some tiring defences.
“One of Kodi’s strengths is his running game and with the game moving the direction it’s going and being a lot faster, it’ll open up a lot for him and myself,” he said.
“You have to play a bit more eyes up footy instead of structure and look to capitalise on opportunities when they present themselves.
“It’s an exciting time.”

Don’t know where to put this but Cameron Smith has officially retired from the sport.

Congratulations on an outstanding career for the future immortal.

I believe he is not lost to the game though. Looking forward to him taking up his new position as director of referees 😉
Finally he's retired! Must of been all those Brown paper bags he had to count before he could finish up.
Further to this, the official list of Warriors players with Redcliffe for Hasting Deering Colts Comp is: Daeon Amituani, Lleyton Finau, Jyris Glamuzina, Kina Kepu, Lingi Kepu
I was wondering why Amituani and Vaafusanga Wernt playing in the national under 20s. Daeon reminds me of Joey Manu. Was one of the best last year in that schools game. I think he scored a hat trick also.