General 2021 NRL Premiership GRAND FINAL

People mocked Gus with his 5 year plan to win a premiership. That was more a throw away line that it would take 5 years to turn around.

He took over in 2011. 10 years later they have a premiership and look to be strong for a few more years yet.
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Hopefully Ivan has some guilt about not being able to win a premiership with the Warriors and comes back with Nathan
It would be tough for them to sack him. He's won them a premiership so he will get some goodwill for a few years. Then if they sack him chances are they will lose their halfback as well.

Can't see him leaving like he did at the Tigers or Warriors either. He wanted to coach his son so unless he needs a new challenge he'll be there for a while trying to build a dynasty like Bellamy/Storm or Robinson/Roosters.
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Good to see Benji get a stint on at the end. A shame he couldn't go out a winner or we could see some of the old magic one last time.

Congratulations to the Panthers.

Cleary gets rid of the stat around how many games he's coached without a premiership.
They looked better when he came on too, brought some composure back to their frantic attack.
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