State of Origin 2020 - SOO Game 3


Long live the Rainbows and Butterflies
Ok its all on for love or money, Andrew johns has already accused the Qld team of having to cheat to win. Cameron Munster is back and the back line for qld has been messed with.

Go QLd.... <yawn>

god i hope its better than the last 2

Billy Teets James

Origin has slowly lost its appeal for me. I'd rather watch internationals. Samoa V Tonga or something. I miss origin in the 80s & late 90s.

Plus they put it as the pinnacle of world rugby league. It's tests for me.
Fuck I hope Queensland win, not worried at all who wins but any team that has Corey Allen, Edrik Lee and Brenko Lee in their back line needs all the support they can get.
Brenko Lee in origin FMD
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